Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Holiday Sewing!

I remain immersed in covert, 007 holiday sewing operations ...
... and cannot share much at this time!
Honestly ... I am not complaining ... this is normal behavior for me.  I really do enjoy it and wouldn't have it any other way!
I am unable to even show hints of the fabric I am using, as that will give too much away ... so I have resorted to posting boring pictures like this on instagram ... to prove that I am alive!
In other dillydally news ... it has gotten colder and our days continue to get shorter.  The light this time of year always intrigues me ... I actually enjoy it.
We have gotten snow!  I hope we get more and that it remains over the holidays!

That's about all I can share at this point.  I love the season and all the hectic sewing ... it is ... after all ... a holiday tradition here in DillyDallydom!

Do what you love.  Sew like crazy!  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally

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