Thursday, December 10, 2015


Tis the season of zoom-zoom living ...
... in all the busyness I find the need for quiet contemplation.
It is hard to believe that nine years ago my mother left this earth for her heavenly reward.
It is true ... mothers have special magical powers.  When we're little, their kisses make pain magically disappear!  Mothers do make everything better!  They encourage, inspire, and empower us!  
A mother's support and love is unconditional!  My mother was my coach and head cheerleader.  She believed in me when I doubted my abilities!  Losing her altered my life on so many levels, I had lost my anchor.  Her passing was the catalyst that inspired me to develop the principles of the dillydally lifestyle I promote and try to live.
One of the fundamental dillydally principals is to surround yourself with people who impact you positively!  We are surrounded by people in every aspect of our lives ... look for the cheerleaders!  Serve as a cheerleader for others!
I have shared my thoughts and beliefs on this before ...  here ... as well as here!  When you let go of negative influences ... it is liberating!   It allows more space in your life for the cheerleaders that come along to share your journey.
Too often, I took my mother's support for granted.  We have a habit of doing that ... not any longer for me.  After losing my mother, I value and appreciate the Cheerleaders in my silly dillydally life!  It is an amazing comfort to find those who "get you"!  Empathy, insight and encouragement are precious gifts from our cheer squad ... receiving and giving these gifts are equally empowering!
Love knows no boundaries, I still feel my mother's love and support.  Nothing can replace that relationship, but having allowed new cheerleaders to join my journey is life altering as well!  I am so grateful for the strength they contribute to my life.
Thank your cheerleaders!  They are such a blessing!  Be a cheerleader!  Be a blessing in the lives of others!  Live the dillydally lifestyle!

Do what you love.  Cheer for one another!  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally

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