Sunday, September 6, 2015

Look Who's 12 Weeks Old!

" Hi-Yip-Yip!  It's me ... Nissa again!  
I turned three months old this week!  Mom says I am now a quarter of a year old ... I don't know what that means, but it must be a big accomplishment!
I don't take as many naps as I used to ... but I still need them because I am growing so fast!  I went to the vet this week and I am double the size I was four weeks ago!
My favorite thing to do is go on hikes!
I really like being in the woods ... there are lots of things to smell there!

I explore everything I find!  I am much more brave now that I'm older!
I hope you visit the woods ... it is a wonderful place to play ... I promise you'll love it!
Momma and I take some sort of long walk every day!  She says the goal every day is to wear me out!  

And ... eventually I get tired enough that I have to lay down when Mom stops to take a picture!  That is how she knows that our walk is nearly finished!
When salmon spawn, they die!  Don't be sad ... when they rot, they smell and taste delicious!
I ran off during a walk and found one ... Momma caught me eating and rolling in it.  She was very unhappy!  Momma had to wrestle me out of there ... we were both muddy!  I like being muddy, but Mom doesn't!  I smelled heavenly ... but Momma was gagging and said I reeked and made her stinky too!  I had my first bath ... Mom scrubbed off all of my fluffy baby fur!  Afterward Momma had to clean the car, bathroom and herself!  It was a rough day ... Momma says that some days are like that, but it doesn't change how much we care for one another!  I still cannot understand why she doesn't like that smell!
Since then, Mom puts a leash on me if we are any where near salmon.  I don't like the leash ... I can't run ahead and explore.  
Momma worried about pulling on my neck too much ...
... so now I have a harness ... we are both happier!  
 We often seek out hikes that won't require me to be on a leash, they are farther out of town and we don't always have that much time available!
I like to shred paper ... Mom and Pop say I'm a professional!
I'm still a little hesitant when it comes to playing in the water!  I do like to go wading!
I am often tempted to jump in ... Momma says to go ahead ... but I'm not quite ready and she doesn't force me!
One day I did take the plunge ... it was cold ...
... and the water was up to my chest!  It was fun!
Ari and I are best buddies!
We like to get into mischief ...
... and look adorable!  Aren't we just the cutest?!
The boat ride to the cabin still makes me a bit nervous ... but it is so much fun there!
My parents keep saying that autumn has arrived ... I don't know what that means ... I hope it means that more cookies are in my future!  This is my "Cookie please" look ... it works better on Pop than Momma ... he is the softie!  Mom is the one who enforces the rules ... I only get cookies from her when I've done something well.  Pop sneaks me cookies all the time!
Yip-Yip!  I am getting bigger ... growing up fast!  I keep everyone busy ... occasionally I allow Mom and Pop to put their feet up ... but only when I can join in!"

Play, eat, nap, and potty!
Nissa DillyDally


  1. Nissa is getting so big.
    What cute pics of Nissa and Ari.
    I bet they are little stinkers when they get together. ;)

  2. Nissan, you are so darn cute. You are lucky to be part of a great family!

  3. Oops...that auto- corrected on me... "Nissa"