Thursday, September 17, 2015

A Forced Time Out!

Yesterday ... was ... one of ... those ... days!  As my followers on facebook know ... we had a another huge coastal storm! No problem ...
... I am a champ at creating my own sunshine!  Yep ... I had a list of things to be accomplished ... and ... seriously ... not one of them happened!  I just could not get my self-made sun to shine.  You see ... my laptop crashed!  I spent hours ... using every trick I knew ... no success!
Yep ... I will lose a lot of content and work that was in progress ... oh the pain!  I finally accepted the facts (at 2:00 pm) and found my resolve to improve the day.
I had a great idea ... baking would make the house smell wonderful and improve the mood here in DillyDallydom!  I made a pumpkin pie ... the house smelled wonderful ... all seemed to be improving!  Last night I cut a piece for the Mr. and I ... one bite and YUCK!  I had forgotten to add the sugar!  Apparently ... I lost the ability to bake yesterday too! ;-)
So today ... these photos are brought to you by Google images ... and I think I will do as this photo suggests ... and drown myself in hot cocoa (hopefully I am still able to boil water) with colorful marshmallows!  So I am in a forced time out ... until my laptop is running again ... you'll only find me on instagram and facebook.   Of course ... in the big picture ... my silly problems are completely insignificant.  So today my plan is to be grateful ... and find that silver lining! ;-) 

Do what you love.  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally

1 comment:

  1. Oh, what an awful day.
    Hope tomorrow is better for you.
    Cocoa with marshmallows always helps. :)