Wednesday, December 10, 2014

More Foo-Whee Fun!

I have been submerged in dillydallying ... undercover work on gifts ... yep, it's that time of the year!  Our weather has been cooperating ... large storms have been pounding our coastal community.  There have been a few days when the street lights never went out ... the cloud cover was so thick, it was dark the entire day!  Great weather for dillydallying with a deadline!
Today ... the clouds lifted ... I had to get out and enjoy some time outdoors.  Kysa and I went for a walk ... it was so refreshing!  Because I can't share the fun Flicka and I are having with our 007 projects,  instead I'll talk about the Foo-Whee fun that has been going on!
I finished my navy/lupine mittens last week!  In the bubble bath they went ...
... blocked and off to air dry!
Idaho KBee, Nancy (on the left), sent me photos last week of her progress!
Pic by KBee Nancy
Here is the pair of Foo-Whee mittens she began during the class ... the second one nearly done!  They're beautiful ... love the red fleece with the light oatmeal yarn!
Pic by KBee Nancy
And her second pair ... one mitt is finished!  Wow!  In her email she asked that I send her two additional skeins of yarn!  She commented that all she wants to do is knit!  You go Girlfriend!  Knit on with wild abandon!  I can't tell you how fun it is when converts people share their progress!  Makes my heart sing!
I was inspired, so I decided to make another pair too!  I chose this rich dark chocolate brown color ... love the way it looks with the lupine fleece!
Yesterday I finished them and into the suds they went!
Girlfriend DD has also caught the Foo-Whee funbug.  She dropped by last night and gave her mitts the spa treatment as well!  Love her color combination of a light lime green and the teal Sitka Spruce fleece.
After we blocked them, I put them under the tree to air dry ... they are basking in the glow of Christmas lights ... seems appropriate!
Mother Nature gifted us with a beautiful sunset this afternoon ... her color combinations are always inspiring!  I'm going to look for a fleece painted in these golden colors ... a pair of Foo-Whee mittens knit in this color combination just has to be in my near future!  More Foo-Whee fun!

Do what you love.  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally


  1. Good Morning! I always enjoy drinking my morning coffee and visiting you in dillydally land. Your pictures are so beautiful! The Foo-Whee mittens are so cute. I was wondering, where did that name Foo-Whee come from?

    1. Hi Gladys! Love sharing coffee with you in the morning! The source of the name Foo-Whee came from the DillyDally family silliness for which we are commonly known! ;-) Details here
      Thanks for appreciating our silliness! Hugs!