Monday, December 15, 2014

A Dizzy DillyDally Weekend!

Many assume that because I live in the middle of nowhere ...
... my life is quiet, calm, and serene.  Reality is quite the opposite!  This past weekend was a good example!  I literally could not attend all the events that I wanted!  Yep ... love when that happens!
Friday was a big day here in our community!  The annual community tree lighting, Santa's arrival and the yearly bazaar!  Lots of treasure and terrific food at this event!  Also, many quilts on display ... this stunning quilt was made by a former student.  She was 17 when she pieced it in my classroom!  We have amazing talent in this small town!
On Saturday, I made St. Lucia buns to commemorate the holiday.  The house smelled like heaven!
The DillyDally family also went on their annual tree hunt.  Long time readers will remember that last year we cancelled the hunt because the weather was so nasty ... Mr. DD actually suggested we get an artificial tree ... we did!
The weather on Saturday was a bit threatening ... but we're hardy and Girlfriend DD was excited about her first Alaska Tree Hunt!
They're off!
By the time they found one, Mother Nature's temperament had changed ... it was raining hard!
The adventures didn't end there ... one tree decided to fly out of the truck ...
... and Brother had to chase it down ... we all had the giggles!  We had earned our hot cocoa, lefse, and St. Lucia buns when we got those two trees home.  Then it was off to a wedding ... a lovely way to end the day.
Sunday was all about the December QBee Birthday Bash!  We have three birthdays this month ... triple the fun!  We decided to have an appetizer potluck here at my house!  Yummy!  I tried out a new recipe and made an Eggnog Bundt Cake.  It was such a relaxing afternoon catching up with one another before holiday travels begin!
Terry B. brought her Trellis for some show and tell!
Her top is completely finished!  She appliquéd the vine by machine and did the leaves, flowers and berries by hand!  We were all inspired to pull out ours and get busy ... after the holidays of course!

Ten days before Christmas ... this week I'll be substitute teaching, continuing my 007 projects and baking!  I love my dizzy dillydally life!

Do what you love.  Embrace the dizzy!  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally

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  1. I love reading about your "dizzy dillydally life." Lots of adventures on the family Christmas tree hunt. This story will be remembered and retold for many years to come. Tell Terry that I think her trellis quilt is gorgeous!