Saturday, May 10, 2014

Last Dance

Last night was beautiful here in DillyDallydom … 

Handmade Prom Invitations
… and it was a "Nautical Night" for the teens of Cordova!  I've been assisting the Junior Class make Prom preparations for months as their class advisor.
All the planning came together and suddenly the decorations were finished … 
… the tables were set … 
… and the food prepared.  Young women wore beautiful dresses and the guys looked handsome in their finest!  The music played.  They danced, laughed, and enjoyed one another with the universal energy that adolescent's possess.  

I began my prom planning career in 1974 when my friend Marie and I served as the Co-Chairpersons for our own Junior Prom.  While the kids and I were decorating Thursday night, one of the girls commented that she loved doing this and might perhaps become an Events Planner.  That simple comment touched my heart in more ways than my students can comprehend.  I can't begin to count the number of formal high school dances I have helped students plan over the span of my teaching career!  Last night was my "last dance" … my retirement from teaching is only weeks away!
Before long I will be updating my resume' … ;-) ... I'll be sure to add the following under Professional Skills:  
Dance Planner (1974-2014)  Mastered the art of thematic dance events for adolescents.  Forty years of experience.

Such wonderful memories … I am blessed.

Do what you love.  Dance.  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally


  1. Love-n-miss..... keep the updates coming

  2. So exciting to have a new chapter in your life starting so soon. Being a teacher myself, I know that you will miss the children greatly but, the chance to do full time Dilly Dally - tremendous. Enjoy the last few weeks, I am sure that they will have lots of surprises planned for you.