Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Fun at Madrona's Market!

It is an addiction … and I was surrounded by 700+ Fiber Junkies!  Yep … my response to such peer pressure was to join in!
The Danger Happy Zone!  Our drug of choice?  Yarn and fiber, of course!
 I walked in the door … and saw this rack of Irish sweaters … well, let's just say that my jaw hit the floor!  Yep … I fondled every single one!  It was the booth of Black Water Abbey Yarns!
There were more gorgeous sweaters on the wall!  I want to make them all!  I want to wear each and every one of them.
I was overwhelmed and just couldn't commit to a sweater … but these scarves were calling my name!  They were lovely … in every way!
Black Water Abbey Yarns specializes in authentic yarn from Ireland!  They only have an online store and attend markets like this … I wish there were a way for you to touch this lace weight yarn.  Yep … heavenly!
They also carry Beth Brown-Reinsel's patterns and DVD's!  I had to get Beth's new DVD … it covers all the techniques I learned from her!
 I am very traditional in my knitting … I prefer traditional designs … usually! ;-) But I found myself drawn to a booth filled with contemporary yarns and patterns!  Who knew?  Such fun!  I fell in love with this faux fur jacket!  Nearly bought a kit … such temptation!
This cardigan is knit with 3 strands of lace weight yarn in two different color ways … giving it that gradating color.  I thought that it was interesting … and then I saw kits made in colors different from the sample!
I fell in love … head over heels!  Yep … had to get the kit!  My favorite is the yarn on the left.  It is called Lipstick!  I know … so out of character for me … and that is always a good thing!
Girlfriend DillyDally joined me on Sunday … she picked out this faux fur … the cowl will look beautiful on her!  Great Yarns is a yarn store located in Everett, Washington … it was exciting to see the contemporary yarn and patterns!  So much fun!
Complete and total cuteness!  It doesn't get much more adorable than these four children's garments!  Sorry, I don't recall the name of the booth, but it was filled with many bright and cheerful samples!
Yep … I bought all four patterns!  My local yarn shop, The Net Loft is filled with yarn that will make these even more adorable!
This sweet woman, Kerry, of Jorstad Creek, sat next to me during my class with Mary Jane Mucklestone.  In conversation, I found out that she was from Oregon and had a booth here at Madrona!  She uses the wool harvested by local farmers in her area … oh, how I love those who support small independent farmers!
Wool grown in her community … a beautiful plum color created by Kerry's hands … a lovely pattern created by her friend, Kaia Petersen  … I completely love everything about this small business!  I look forward to knitting this Reversible Leaf Lace Infinity Scarf!
I cannot wait to give this pattern a try!  Her samples of this Beaded Cuff pattern were such fun!  Kerry shared with me the technique that designer Jann Hoppler developed so that you don't need to string the beads on the yarn in advance!  When I saw these in her booth, I immediately thought of my senior high Hogwart's Knit n' Lit group!  I think they will really like them!

I enjoyed the market … it is fun to see such diversity and color all in one place!  There were times when the market was packed and it was impossible to see or touch!  I quickly learned when it was most likely to be quiet and would visit often.  Most times … I just went to soak in all the creativity and goodness.

Do what you love.  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally   

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  1. It sounds like you had a wonderful time, that's great! Beautiful photos of all the lovelies thanks for sharing. Have a great day!