Saturday, November 9, 2013


I grew up in northern Minnesota ... where it is all about the northwoods ... lake country.
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It is deer season in Minnesota ... many childhood memories and family traditions come to the forefront of my thoughts this time of the year.
It was four years ago this week that my father passed away ... this is a picture of him with his trophy buck.  How he loved to tell hunting stories!  As young children, my siblings and I loved to listen to the men in our family retell their hunting adventures over and over again.
Dad and Uncle Mayvin - August 1991
My father's only brother, Mayvin is now in his nineties.  He recently fell and required surgery.  He is in a nursing home getting the rehab needed to help him return home.  I want to be there ... to hold his hand ... to encourage him ... and to hear him tell me those hunting stories again.
Never underestimate the power of a good hot dish!  Minnesotans understand this ... they are famous for them.  In Minnesota, they are not referred to as casseroles ... they are "hot dishes"!  In a proactive effort to soothe my homesickness ... I made Tator Tot Hotdish this week.  Everyone seems to have their own version ... I made the one I grew up eating ... it was good ... not quite like my mothers ... but it helped. ;-)
 The weather has been beautiful ...
... after work yesterday Kysa and I went for a walk.  Nature and the company of a beloved pet began to replace the heaviness in my heart.
Mr. DillyDally gets the mail everyday before he comes home from work.  Yesterday he came in the house and said, "You got a package today.  It's from Minnesota."  My response, "Really?  I haven't ordered anything."
It was from a Sassy QBee of SE Minnesota!
 It is so fun to open a package ... but an unexpected one is double the joy!
How cute!  What a hoot!  A wonderful owl pincushion made with fabric from the 2013 Minnesota Shop Hop!  The picture at the beginning of this post is of Lake Itasca, located near my childhood home.  And White Water State Park is located near where the Sassy QBees live!  I love how both places are highlighted together on this gift!  One day ... I will visit that park with my Sassy QBees!
A box filled with such treasure!  The pincushion, a copy of their local paper, and a handwritten letter!  Such thoughtfulness ... I was overwhelmed.
Take a close look.  This was mailed several weeks ago.  It should have arrived ... weeks ago.  Under normal circumstances I would complain about poor postal service ... but there is nothing normal about  this gift.  You see ... I believe that God and His forces are actively at work in our lives.  I didn't need to receive this random act of kindness weeks ago ... I needed it yesterday.

Such a blessing ... I embrace it with an open mind and heart.  A reminder for me ... we all play a role in a much bigger plan.  My rough week ... filled with heartache ... ends with a grateful heart.
Do what you love.  I am blessed.  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally

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  1. Sew, your package finally arrived!!! I had been tracking the package, as I thought it was taking a very long time to arrive in your part of the world. Not wanting to ask you if you had received anything from MN, I patiently checked the tracking number every couple of days to see if it had arrived.

    I too, firmly believe God is a part of our daily lives... I am so glad to know, that once again, he delivered when needed the most.

    Love from one of your MN Sassy Sisters...
    (although I am not sure which one I am anymore.... Silly, Sally, Suzy, or Sammy, the mind sometimes fails you with the important details in life..... Your name!!)