Thursday, November 14, 2013

Hide n' Seek & Auction Items

Flicka and I have spent a bit of time in the sewing room.
Her latest thing is playing "Hide n' Seek" while I'm sewing.  I pretend to be surprised when I see her and she gets all excited!
I'm not sure which of us is the silliest!  We do have fun!
 I made a couple of table runners for the Guild's Annual Tea & Auction held last Sunday.  This table runner was made from a panel that was part of a fat quarter pack.  I neglected to take pics of the panel, but basically it was a group of squares and rectangles that could be pieced into placemats, a table runner and coasters.
 After the table runner was pieced together … I felt the large squares were too boring plain …
 … so I cut the coasters out and appliquéd them to the center of each square.  Much better!
The second table runner was autumn themed.  Very simple ... I had a tough time letting this one go.  Would have liked to use this one in my own home. ;-) It was purchased by a friend, so that made it a lot easier! ;-)  Isn't it funny how we sometimes get attached to the things we make?
I used the woolen pumpkins made in October to decorate the table.
But … what makes a table setting truly beautiful are the guests who fill the table with fun!

The guild sponsors two, 4-year scholarships every year.  This Annual Tea & Auction allows us to maintain that commitment!  If you would like to see all the projects and tables, visit our guild blog here and here!
Here Flicka is hiding behind my Ott Lite … such a silly kitty!  Time in the sewing room has been very limited lately.  I'm glad the auction forced me to get in there and make something!

Do what you love.  Play Hide n' Seek!  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally

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