Thursday, October 24, 2013

Recent Random DillyDally Moments

Life in DillyDallydom has been hectic ... this post is a peek into my dillydally life over the past two weeks!  Yep ... no theme to be found ... enjoy the randomness! 
Huge coastal storms ... I'm sorry that is an understatement ... COLOSSAL coastal storms pass through our remote corner of the planet this time of the year!  And they come one right after another!
We guess at the volume of rain that has fallen based on the amount of runoff size of the waterfall next to our side deck. ;-)
This is the sad and lonely kitty look that I receive every morning when I go to work.
And here is the sweet face that greets me when I return home from work.  Love my fur balls!
Most of the leaves have hit the ground ... making the ability to view the wildlife easier!
Our Nation's symbol ... in its natural habitat.
Remember Brother DillyDally and his high bush cranberry ketchup adventure?
We mixed it with ground beef for delicious gourmet burgers!  Super yummy!
Sister DillyDally finally got to meet Princess Peanut in person!   Such a thrill for her!
A quick adventure "out the road" ...
... with Kysa ... between the storms!
Weekend morning knitting.
The calm after a storm ...
... and the calm in DillyDallydom.

Do what you love.  Embrace those random moments.  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally

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  1. So enjoy visiting your little corner of the world, as you call it. Love the eagle pictures! When I was in Alaska, many years ago, I was so excited to see a real eagle. Thanks for bringing back that memory. Happy November! Are you playing Christmas music yet?