Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Quick Update from Dillydallydom!

Just so you all know ... I was not exaggerating when I said that May was "crazy busy"!

On Mother's Day, Sister DillyDally posted this picture of her and Brother.  Oh how I miss those babies!
Then came Graduation Week here in my remote corner of the planet!  With the exception of one evening, there were events to attend every evening for seven days!  It is always fun ... Cordova is so supportive of our youth ... we know how to celebrate the success of our kids!
 Very little dillydallying is happening!  Here is a peek at a 007 project that is begging to be worked on.  I look at it longingly, give it an affectionate pat or two, then reassure it that in a few days it will finally get the attention it deserves!
Proof that it has been insanely busy ... in 1.5 weeks I haven't even been able to complete a hexie flower!  ;-)
The weather has been beautiful for several days ... working late every day this week and seeking a few moments of relaxation ... I decided to treat myself to a quick (under 5 minutes) drive to take a few photos.  Again ... you know how I keep repeating that my life is "crazy busy"?  The truth is ... it IS busy, AND I'm almost certain that I am crazy!  I have proof!
Yep ... locked my keys, purse and cell phone in the car.  Fortunately QBee Terry and her husband happened by ... I used her cell phone ... called Mr. DillyDally who works for the city ... and he sent our local police to unlock my car.  Let's just say that the whole experience was NOT relaxing!  However ... I did provide entertainment for Terry and Bob ... they are celebrating their 37th wedding anniversary today!  Happy Anniversary!

Now ... don't get the wrong impression ... I'm not really complaining ... good things are happening!
Brother DillyDally came home this week!  He will be spending most of the summer with us ... working and playing in the woods!  So great to have him at the dinner table!  And in three short days ... I will be able to dillydally FULL TIME!  My family hopes that some serious dillydally therapy will restore a fraction of my sanity! ;-)  I make no promises!
Do what you love.  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally

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  1. Good Luck getting through the rest of the week. Summer dillydallying will be here soon!