Thursday, October 18, 2012

A Diet of Fruit & Vegetables

Sew ... here I am ... plugging along ... living my remote lifestyle ... not necessarily paying attention ... when suddenly it hits me that there has been a "theme"?  A "direction"?  A "path" in my dillydally life!  Have I been traveling on an unknown journey?  Help!
Lund's Grocery Store, Uptown Minneapolis, Summer 2012
When I visit Sister DillyDally every summer, our first stop is the produce section of the nearest grocery store!   When you live in my remote corner of the planet ... fresh produce trumps Disneyland!  Last summer I would walk to her local store, buy a latte and use their free wifi ... the photo above was the view I enjoyed.  I remember taking a picture of it, and later thinking..."how silly".  Yep, I was on a journey, but didn't know it yet! ;-)
While spending a wonderful dillydally day with Metro QBee Mary Ellen ...
 ... she gave me this beautiful calendar to use in my classroom!  The students and I both enjoy it!  I think of her everyday as my students clamor for the chance to update it!  Too fun!  It cracks me up how they marvel over the opportunity to manually up date it!  Crazy fun!  And here I am ... never realizing that this thoughtful gift was part of the journey.
Long time readers are very familiar with the view from my front deck.  This was what the view looked like the entire month of September.  We received one extreme coastal storm after another ... a total of 80 inches of rain ... yep, quite frankly, it was awful!
One morning while checking my favorite blogs, the Green Fairy advertised the arrival of Pat Sloan's new fabric line, Eat Your Fruits n' Vegetables.

Convinced that a bit of retail therapy would make me feel better, I ordered the fat quarter pack!  Yep ... both the printed and batik pack!  Did it improve my disposition?  Absolutely!  It was sunshine in a box!  This is a line of fabric that just oozes with happiness ... it makes me smile!  Do you see the theme emerging?  I didn't ... not then anyway.
Meanwhile ... here in dillydallydom ... I was working on a new project.  Yep, it is an apple shaped sewing kit.  A lovely way to combine sewing and fruit!
The pattern is called, Apples to Oranges by Straight Stitch Society.  It was well written and fun to make!
I finished it last night ... am very pleased with how it came out.  Mr. DillyDally's comment was, "You're sure into fruits and vegetables lately."  He was referencing the fabric I had gotten last week and this project.   I agreed.  And I still didn't notice how the stars fruits and veggies were aligning themselves!

This morning ... the routine was completely normal ... I made coffee, poured myself a cup ...
... Flicka was napping on my lap while I checked on the blogs I follow...
And then ... it hit me!  Quilt Rock Star Pat Sloan is hosting a Sew-A-Long that begins in November!  She announced it on her blog this morning!  OMGosh Good Golly!  What do you think?  Is this project meant to be a part of my dillydally journey?

Do what you love.  Enjoy the journey.  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally


  1. TOTALLY Amazing!!! This is so fun, thank you thank you!!! Can't wait to see what you do!

    1. Well Pat ... this will be my first online group activity! I am excited! You and your talent are such an inspiration...thank you! Hugs!

  2. Very cool all those bright colors! Makes me smile.

    1. I sew agree! It makes me smile too! And when the weather is gray and dismal...I seek smiles where ever I can! ;-)

  3. Oh yes, the fruits & veggies are aligning! You should do this with Pat - you will have a blast! She's great and her patterns are fun.

    1. Thank you for the encouragement Linda! I have never done one of those online sew alongs before, so I hesitate. But really ... the fruits & veggies have aligned themselves ... I figure that I don't really have a choice! ;-)