Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Lovin' Leftovers!

You might remember...
... it wasn't too long ago that I pieced this quilt ... using layer cakes of Vintage Modern.  Because I changed the border from a pieced one to a single fabric ... I had leftover 10 inch squares.  I love leftover fabrics! ;-)
Flicka and I got busy ... she is sew helpful! ;-)
I wonder if she realizes that eventually she will out grow this supervisory position.  When I am pressing and cutting ... this is her favorite place to perch!
Piecing blocks is exhausting!
This has become her favorite spot in the sewing room when she wants to do serious napping!  It is a Terry Atkinson Shaggy Chic Pillow that I made a few years ago.
It is located directly behind the chair I use while sewing.  She can nap and supervise at the same time!  Sew silly!
On Friday night we were doing the happy dance ... we had turned all of our leftovers into blocks!  Ya-Hoo!  On Saturday morning, when we tried to lay them out ... it was quickly obvious that we had pieced half of them backwards.  UGH!
After a lot of time with the seam ripper, we eventually re-pieced half of the blocks correctly!  The heavens opened on Sunday, yep ... buckets of liquid sunshine!  We got the top pieced.  Yesterday, the heavy rain continued and we added the applique'!
Today we hung it up at Cordova Quilters' Hideout!  The pattern is called "Pretty in Pink" and is in the same book by Heather Mulder Peterson titled Livin' Large.
Gosh ... two for one ... I love leftovers!
Do what you love.  Use your leftovers.  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally


  1. Beautiful leftovers...tasty for the eyes..

  2. Beautiful! I just love the adventures of Flicka. You can bet on Thrusday, Flicka will be a topic of conversation as we quilters gather. Oh, of course, you are topic for conversation too!
    I love you have the time to quilt and blog. Thanks!

  3. I really like the 'leftovers' quilt. Ideas are running through my head now. And, Flicka is way cuter than Big Moe, who just lays in the middle of the project demanding, 'Pet Me Time'.

  4. You are so inspiring!!! Love the look of the new top...Sue and I thought we were doing good making snap happy purses yesterday")

  5. Yes, you are inspiring. My left over blocks usually sit in a tub for a few years. But the quilt I am binding now, I put a row of leftover blocks on the back. Love both quilts.