Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Flicka's Second Quilt!

Flicka and I have been busy ...
... in the sewing room.
Last week the fabric line "Vintage Modern" by Bonnie and Camille arrived at Cordova Quilters' Hideout!  I brought home yardage and two Layer Cakes.
I planned to make this quilt called "Square Dance" from Heather Mulder Peterson of Anka's Treasures. The pattern is in her book called Livin' Large.
We studied the directions ... very carefully! ;-)
Snoopervising the cutting process.  Yep ... livin' on the edge!
Who knew that a bit of tail action could increase accuracy when piecing?  ;-)
Eventually ... by Friday we had all 20 blocks pieced!
The layout was determined ... time to piece a top!
After the blocks were sewn together ... I began to rethink the borders.  I knew that I wanted to keep the first and smaller border red.  The pattern has you use the remaining 10 inch squares from the layer cake ... while looking through the remaining squares ... I decided it would look too busy.
Flicka agreed with my border choice ... yep, I caught her telling me so! ;-)  
And here is the completed top hanging for display purposes at the Hideout!  
Like all kittens, Flicka has no reservations about exploring everything!  She gets into all sorts of mischief ... and provides unending entertainment!  The sewing room serves as her personal Disneyland!  I am the staff that runs around behind her cleaning up.  I'm amazed we accomplish anything! ;-)
Do what you love.  Live like a kitten.  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally
Flicka ... "She's talking about me again, isn't she?"  ;-)


  1. Perhaps you could send Flicka my way. I need some supervision, or she could teach my cats the proper technique! Your quilt turned out great.

  2. You get photos of her in so many cute poses. How do you manage to get anything else done?

  3. You are so fast with your cutting and piecing. The quilt looks wonderful.

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  5. If I had closely read the post, I would have known which book it was in. I was too excited!!