Sunday, February 5, 2012

Happy Iceworm Festival!

Have I told you lately ... how I love my remote corner on the planet, and all who live here?
After a week of hurricane force winds and torrential rain ... on Saturday, the clouds parted and this was the view from my front deck.
Mother Nature decided to smile upon our small community and help us celebrate our annual Iceworm Festival!
All that rain turned nearly every surface very icy, because of my knee issues we had to limit our Iceworm activities.  There was no way I would miss the parade ... when we got to our vehicle we found the older boy scouts putting the finishing touches on their float.
   Our parade always begins with the Coast Guard Flag presentation and someone local singing the National Anthem.  The Coast Guard members and their families are such an important part of our community... they work and play along side of us in every way while serving our country.
Have I told you lately ... how much Mr. DillyDally and I enjoyed raising our children in this remote corner of the planet?
 Both of the DillyDally children were involved in (almost everything) scouting, so that meant we all participated in the parade for many years!
As the scouts pass by...
...the entire town claps and cheers them on!  It is great to be a scout in Cordova!
The Salvation Army Band played and marched to "Onward Christian Soldiers"!
Our local telephone cooperative brought a happy snowman to help with snow removal.
The local U.S. Forest Service employees ...
with the assistance of Smokey the Bear...
... were able to apprehend ...
and conquer the snow monster or Yeti!  ;-)  Too fun!
We all appreciate our city road crew and the work they have done ... it was fun to have their big vehicles in the parade!  They have given us much to cheer about!
Miss Iceworm and her royal court wave to the crowd from the top of a fire truck.
The parade always ends with our guest of honor, the giant Iceworm!
He is a very long Iceworm ...
... with many legs, accompanied by loads of giggles!  ;-)

Have I told you lately ... how grateful I am to live in this remote corner of the world?  Yep ... I am very fortunate to live here!
Love what you do.  Love where you live.  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally


  1. Thanks for the great blog entry! My little one was/is sick so we missed out on all the festivities :o(

  2. Mrs. D, you captured the essence of the day!!! Isn't Cordova the best place to live!!

  3. I remember you talking about the Iceworm Festival last much fun is it living in a small town and being able enjoy fun things like this...

  4. Do you have any good iceworm recipes? inquiring minds want to know.