Monday, January 18, 2010

Odds and Ends

I've noticed that I go through phases when it comes to my creative isn't apparent at the time...but when I look back it becomes obvious.  About 3-4 years ago, one of our local quilt shops started to carry Moda fabrics with all their precuts...and it was love at first sight!  My favorites are the charm and fat quarter packs!  This weekend I continued in my efforts to finish piecing quilt tops.  Both were made using fat quarter packs...the blocks were pieced...neither had I only had to sew the blocks together!

The fabric is "Kashmir IV" designed by Sentimental Studios for Moda.  I wanted a pattern that would allow the beauty of the prints to be visible so I chose this one by Terry Atkinson.  Those of you who have been following my blog since I began in August, know that I am Terry Atkinson's biggest fan!  Her patterns never disappoint...ever.  This pattern is called Triple Treat and was published in her 2007 book, Happy Hour.  The squares are 14 1/2 it is a quick and easy pattern to put together...but most importantly it really showcases the fabric!  It felt good to pull out the blocks on Saturday afternoon and have the top pieced by the end of the day!  It is an over-sized twin and its purpose has not been determined yet...the dillydally lifestyle allows me to make whatever whenever...I'm loving it!

This pattern comes from Carrie Nelson of Miss Rosie's Quilt Co. and is called "Radio Flyer".  I used a fabric line called Summers Basket of Flowers by Terry Clothier for Moda.  When this fabric arrived at the store, before I even looked at the card...I fell in love with it and renamed it "Farm Fabric"...why?...because it reminded me of my childhood on the farm...the colors and print designs brought back all those wonderful memories.  What's great is that now all my QBees also refer to it as Farm Fabric!  Aren't they the greatest!    The 6 inch blocks were really fun to create, Carrie's technique alone is worth purchasing the is much easier than it looks...gotta love those kind of patterns!  It took me yesterday and today to piece the 120 blocks together.  I chose not to put on the border...I like heavily pieced patterns to just end with the piecing sometimes.  This quilt does have a will be my snuggle quilt that stays on my favorite chair...I'll use this "Farm" quilt to wrap myself up in comfort!

We have all had heavy hearts this past week for the victims of the earthquake in Haiti.  The suffering has and continues to be more than any of us can imagine.  Martin Luther King Jr. reminded us multiple times that, "We are all God's children".  The people of Haiti are our brothers and sisters.  When I witness such tragedy, I am at first overwhelmed with emotion, next I turn to prayer, and eventually I become proactive.  Even though I realize that my individual efforts seem small, when added to the efforts of many they can make a difference.  If you are able to donate finances please share what you can.  If you're a quilter check out Bonnie Hunter's blog dated Friday, January 15th.  If you're a knitter, read the January 14th post of Allison Haas.  Both bloggers have great suggestions for how we can help by using materials that we have on hand.  I'm sure there are many other ways to help out...these are the ones that I came across in my very isolated corner of this world.  I continue praying for the people and country of Haiti...and doing what little I can.

"We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give."
Sir Winston Churchill
Thanks for visiting my humble blog...and for listening...Mrs. DillyDally

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  1. I love both quilts! Terry's pattern is perfect for the Kashmir fabrics, and the Summer Basket fabrics are perfect for Radio Flyer! (Thank you for the kind words ~ that is a favorite pattern!)

    I also love the Churchill quote ~ while it's appropriate at any time, it's especially so right now.