Sunday, January 17, 2010

Cobblestone Travels Brighten A Very Gray Day!

January is a month where the days are gray and the dull-drums can really dampen the dillydally spirit, so we decided to brighten today's adventure down Cobblestone Lane with a luncheon featuring comfort food!  Creamy chicken & rice casserole, dinner rolls, date swirl cookies and homemade apple pie served in the company of QBees (quilt buddies) that is an afternoon saturated with comfort.

Here we are proudly showing off block 4...only two blocks left to go!  Kay, of Heavenly Patchwork Quilt Shop, included in the shipment of our kits for block 5 her newsletter.  We had fun reading about all the classes her shop offers...the shop hop trips available...but our favorite was the "3rd Annual PJ Party"!  It sounded like such fun!  It starts at 7:00 am til 10:00 am the next day...if you wear sleepwear and no make-up you get 20% off your purchases...25% off if you wear curlers...30% off if you don't wear a bra!  What a HOOT!!!  We got such a laugh over that and wished we could all fly down and join the fun!  Those Minnesota QBees sure know how to have fun...they are our kind of gals!

Gosh, this BOM is going by quickly...but then it always does when you're spending time with friends.  After bathing in all that comfort, we decided to take a field trip to a local quilt shop.  You know what?  Good food...good company...lots of giggles...fabric shopping...spending an afternoon dillydallying with your QBees...where are the dull-drums now?  They're long gone!  We all need to it!  You won't even notice the gray days of January! 

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