Monday, September 2, 2019

I Believe in Magic!

As a child, I felt magic everywhere around me.  Growing up on a farm meant that the natural world was to a large degree our livelihood ... and it felt magical.
Associating nature to magic is an easy assumption to make ... especially while we transition to autumn.
And ... while we're on the subject of magic ... twenty-one years ago today the magic of Harry Potter entered the DillyDally household!  All four members of this family excitedly read the first book ... we began to see a bit of magic from the Wizarding World in every aspect of our lives!  We are all Harry Potter fans and each of us agree that we have been mistakenly identified as Muggles!  Today the magic continued for me ... all these years later!
I received a message at 11:00 am this morning that an owl had delivered a package near our front door.  What?  Sure enough ... there was an Owl Post!  Addressed to ME!  Now that is magic!

Yep ... it is September 1st ... and 11:00 am!  To think I might have missed the magic!
More magic was found inside the brown paper envelope!  I received an official membership to S.P.E.W., the Society for the Promotion of Elfish Welfare ... a cause led by Hermione that I am happy to be involved in!
And more ... this bewitching hand dyed yarn ... from A Homespun House ... called "Diary of Tom Riddle"!  And if you look closely ... a knitting progress marker ... it is Tom's Diary!  It even includes the fang from the basilisk that Harry used to destroy the diary! So fun ... and magical!
But authentic magic ... like what we find in nature ... can be found in our relationships as well!  My dear friend, who created all of this Harry Potter themed fun ... is the real magician!  The thoughtfulness that went into her planning and preparation to make September 1st magical for several of her friends is touching in the most wondrous of ways!  I am so grateful to have her for a friend ... one who creates magic ... and shares it generously with those around her! I believe ... and today I was touched by magic!

Do what you love!  Believe in magic!  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDallly

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  1. What a great, fun idea!
    Some great gifts you've received.
    My SIL was visiting us in August for 3 weeks, she lives in Kasilof. :)