Friday, June 16, 2017

An Apron Journey!

It feels sew dang good when I can finally reveal a 007 project!  But even better when that project gives you the opportunity to make new friends and gift another!  This one was a 6 month journey!  That is a long journey for a simple apron!  Yep ... this dillydally life cracks me up!
A few years ago, this amazing women opened the "Little Cordova Bakery"!  She and her business have been such a blessing to our community!  She makes everything with fresh ingredients!  Delightful treats are mixed and baked in small batches.  No item is created with pre-made mixes, nor is anything fried!  Her business has grown and she now employs others, some who are former students in my classroom.  For quite a while, I had been trying to think of a way to show my appreciation.
Enter into this journey ... Smiling Seal Sewing!  A quilt shop in Valdez ... our neighbor here in Prince William Sound!  Owner, Karen Feero contacted me late in 2016 about coming to their community to teach a quilt and apron class!  We scheduled the weekend event for February 2017!
Karen requested an Alaskan themed apron in the "Kuspuk" style.  She sent me a pattern that I could adapt and the fun began!  I raided my fabric stash and came up with these blueberry prints!  I associate blueberries with our summers in Alaska and thought they would be perfect for this apron!  It was while working out the bugs ... making it reversible ... and updating techniques that I got the idea to make it for Theresa!  My visits to the bakery began to take on a different focus ... yep, I continued to buy coffee and bakery treats ... but I was secretly estimating her body measurements!  Custom fit aprons function better and are flattering!  I wanted both for Theresa!
In Valdez, this QBee modeled my sample for everyone!  Perfect fit on this adorable model!
It was lovely spending the day with these women ... making aprons ... talking about preparing food for our loved ones ... sharing our Alaskan lifestyle!  Focusing on the important things in life!  I loved building friendships with these women!
Bright spring flowered apron!
Beach themed apron!
These two Valdez QBees sent me pictures of them in their finished aprons!  So fun to see them modeling their perfectly fit aprons!  Makes my heart sew very happy!
Yesterday, I dropped by the bakery for a loaf of bread.  Yep, Theresa was wearing her apron ... am thrilled that she likes and uses it!
I am so grateful for this simple apron and the journey it took me on.  The opportunity to make new QBees in Valdez ... and to thank a woman who has had such a positive impact on the community I love!  I am so fortunate to live this dillydally life!

Do what you love!  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally