Friday, March 3, 2017

The Nudge I Needed!

There are times when forces around us work together and give us just the nudge we need!  On Wednesday (March 1) I found myself completely gobsmacked!  I am so very grateful!
This amazing and beautiful wall hanging arrived in the mail!  It just makes my heart sing!
Sharon @ Quilt Camp in Idaho 11/2014
It was lovingly made by a Quilt Buddy ...
Sharon, on the right in Cordova, Alaska  1986
... who began my quilt journey with me ...
Photo from front deck 3/1/2017
... and who previously owned the home and view my family has enjoyed for 29 years!
Co-owner of Quilt Shop in Orofino, Idaho
The roots of our friendship run deep, it has been a privilege to watch her turn her dreams into reality ...
Idaho QBees 11/2014
... I was honored when embraced by her circle of QBees ...

Sharon assisting Nancy with her medical condition!  11/2014
... and relieved to know that her sense of humor remains unchanged over our many years of friendship!
An act of kindness can and does impact the person who receives it in a powerful way.  Little did Sharon know that her gift was just what I needed ... on that particular day ... and at that exact moment!  Her gesture of kindness gave me the clarification and nudge I needed to move forward in my dillydally life!  I am so blessed and very grateful!  My heart is full and happy!

Do what you love!  Be kind!  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally


  1. Where would we be without our friends????

  2. This is too cute.
    What a great gift and story about your quilting friends.