Monday, May 2, 2016

Sew ... I said YES!

Life truly IS a journey.  We live, work, and love as we navigate the path before us.  I enjoy the journey ... sometimes it takes me places I never intended to go!
One morning last fall ... Good Morning America aired an interview with a Shonda Rhimes.  I didn't really know anything about her, but was impressed by the things she said in the interview.  It resonated with my dillydally theories.  I bought her book ... a wonderful and inspiring read.
Not long after ... I got a phone call from our neighbors here in Prince William Sound.  The quilters in Valdez host a biennial Quilt Festival.  I have attended twice ... quilters from all over Alaska and the Lower 48 ... gather together to share and learn about quilting.  It is a wonderful event!  Now ... back to the call.  They called to ask if I would be interested in teaching in 2016 ... I hesitated ... pushed aside my fears ... and said, "Yes."

A bit of time passed ... there were discussions as to what I might teach ... suggestions were welcome ... eventually decisions were made.  About that time, Shonda Rhimes did her Ted Talk on the power of Yes ... please spend 18 minutes and listen to what she says.  I felt empowered ... sew ... I said YES again!  I would design the projects for the classes I will be teaching!  Yikes ... talk about fear!
First original knitting designs -1990
Now ... I've been designing my own knitting projects since 1990 ... I have several three ring binders filled with knitting designs I've created over the years ... and yes, I have dreamed and attempted to publish some of them.  I always felt that knitting was where my journey might lead ... but roadblocks of every kind always seemed to get in the way.  Saying yes to quilt related designing was not on my agenda, and there you have it ... the detour that life's voyage will sometimes take.
 I was asked to teach a quilt class designed for beginners ... sew ... I designed a project that would provide an opportunity for participants to learn the foundation units of patchwork piecing.  I titled it "Patchwork Primer" ... you can look at details here.
Wool Applique' is another class I'll be teaching.  Sew ... I designed a wreath of Alaska's state flower, the Forget-Me-Not and included our State Flag.  Details of this class here.
The third class I'll be teaching is Tinted Embroidery.  For that class, I took creative license and designed my version of Alaska's State Seal!  Check it out here. 
And finally, I'll be teaching a Custom Apron Construction class.  Whew!  Now you know why I haven't been blogging much this last week ... I was dillydallying and designing with deadlines!
Just like we often don't know where our life travels will take us, we don't always know who will enter the journey!  I have been blessed to have a few professional quilt designers make time in their busy lives to encourage and guide me!  My first design efforts are simple baby steps that may or may not develop into something more ... but finding a safe haven of support from "titans" in the industry helps someone like me ... who truly lives in the middle of nowhere ... say YES.  I am so grateful for those who support, encourage and help me navigate a road I never intended to travel!  I needed cheerleaders ... and they said YES!

Do what you love.  Say YES! Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally 


  1. You will be an amazing teacher at your classes. Those attending are lucky to learn it from someone that has such a vision and a willingness to say "Yes, I can do that!".

    Those that know you, know that it will be a great class, quilters will learn something new and of course have fun while doing it. You have a knack for sharing your dillydally approach to life. What's not to love about that?? Congratulations on another endeavor!!!

  2. Your class projects look great.

  3. Congrats!
    You have some great designs.
    The kids sweaters are so pretty.
    Have fun!