Saturday, October 10, 2015

Our Day in the Big Woods

In my remote corner of the planet, it is the season for large coastal storms!  They blast us with all the moisture and wind that traveling across the Pacific Ocean generates.  The winds push all that moisture against our mountains ... the result is buckets of rain!  Such is life in a temperate rain forest.
Yep, she pulled the quilt off the recliner and made herself comfortable!  Geesh!
Weather like this isn't usually an issue ... storms that last for days is a dillydalliers dream come true ... we love having the excuse to stay home and dillydally.  However, puppies are full of energy ... and a 1500 square foot home doesn't allow them enough room to exercise.  The only time I get to sew or knit is when she naps ... and napping only happens when she is "dog tired"!
By Thursday, Nissa was going crazy and I could feel myself losing patience.  It was time to wear her out ... of course that means I'll be worn out too!  ;-)  I decided to drive out the road (20+ miles) and take her on one of the many hiking trails maintained by the U.S. Forest Service.
The forest canopy makes a great umbrella and filters the rain in such a way that when it hits us it is more of a mist ... as opposed to a downpour.
It was just what Nissa we both needed!
Fresh air!
Lots of room to explore!
"Hurry up Mama!"
Of course, Nissa reached the end of the trail ahead of me!  So cute!

Our hike was rewarded with beautiful views!
Gorgeous ... even in the rain!
Be. Still. My. Heart!  I look down and she is on the cliffs edge!  Yikes!
I was afraid to startle her ... so kept taking pictures and gently called her to me.  She was enjoying the view as well ... the wind in her face ... finally after promises of cookies ... she came.  The leash went on immediately!  OMGosh ... she scared the baa-gee-bees out of me!
Needless to say ... I was ready to head back ... I kept her on the leash.  When I was convinced she wouldn't go back ... I took it off again ... this is her happy thank you face!
Like all retrievers ... she loves playing in the mud!
She likes eating it too!  As evidenced in the car on the drive home!  Yuck!
I can tell when she begins to tire ...
... instead of running back to me ...
... she lays down and waits for me to catch up!  So dang cute!
Mother Nature gifted us with a bit of sun near the end of the hike!
We were damp.  We were tired.  We were happy.  Our mission was accomplished!  We both took a nap when we got home.  Thanks to the big woods, it was a wonderful dillydally day!

Do what you love. Spend time in the big woods!  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally


  1. I'm glad to see Nissa likes your quilts. :)
    She's getting big!
    I bet she keeps you busy.
    That looks like a beautiful place to hike.

  2. Looks like you and Nissa had a nice hike! It's fun to be able to go along with you and see the gorgeous Alaska countryside.

  3. Love hiking in Alaska with you and Nissa....except when she was on the edge of the heart was pounding. I can't imagine how you felt. Happy that she cooperated...Labs are such sweethearts! (PS One of my granddogs, Ellie, is a Black Lab.)