Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Nissa's First Week as a DillyDally!

"Hi-Yip-Yip!  My name is Nissa!  I'm the new member of the DillyDally family!
Today I turned 8 weeks old!  I have lived with the DillyDally clan for a week now!  My new Pop googled "Scandinavian Dog Names" and found Nissa ... it means Happy Little Girl!  It fits me perfectly!  I am a black lab and golden retriever mix!  All puppies are overly enthusiastic, so everything ends with an exclamation mark!
I come from a big family of nine brothers and sisters!  Here are five of us ... I'm the one on the lower right ... my new mom says it was love at first sight!
I chew everything in reach with my pretty baby teeth!
We live on the beach ... this was my first visit ... it was big and scary!
I found my courage to explore and now I run all over the place!
I play so hard that I fall asleep in the middle of tug n' war!
We went nagoon berry picking ... 
... they said it was a small patch, but it seemed very big to me!
I got belly rubs!  I love belly rubs!  I followed this guy around and rolled over on his feet for more belly rubs!
I got really tired!  So I found a log to rest my head on!
My head fell off the log!  I didn't even wake up ... just kept sleeping with my nose in the ground!
Finally they decided my job was to protect the berries!  I did a very good job!
This is a picture of me and Mr. Belly-Rubber ... yip ... we're friends for life!
I love to chew on my ball ... sometimes I chase it ... mostly I carry it around!
Taking naps with Pop in the recliner is fun!  I also like to chew on his camo crocs!  He says camo is my favorite color!
My Pop says that I have a very good nose ... he notices things like that!
I was soooo proud when I found my first stick ... yip ... I brought it in the house too!
We went blueberry picking in the Big Woods ...
... now that is exhausting!  The moss provides a nice soft bed for napping!
Pop gave me a chew stick ... I love it!
I highly dislike the devilish device called a leash!
When frightened, I feel safest between Mom or Pop's legs!
Every time I walk by flowers, I just have to bite one and eat it!  Yummy!

I have so much to learn ... Mama said that this first week we just learn to trust and love!   That was easy for all of us!  This next week they are going to help me learn to come when they call my name!
OMGolly ... the world IS a very large place ... and there is so very much to learn!  Mom and Pop say softly ... puppy steps Nissa, puppy steps!"

Play, eat, nap, and potty!


  1. Oh, Nissa is so, so cute!

  2. Awe! I am so happy you found the perfect home Nissa! Mom & Pop Dillydally will love you unconditionally! You remind me of my Gus (who is 11 years old) when he was a puppy like you. Sweet memories. Keep us updated on your adventures and I hope Flicka is adjusting to having you around. Just remember she is Queen!