Sunday, December 22, 2013

Making Magic!

Most of you … those who have been following me for a while … know that I am a knitter.  But there is something you may not know …
… I was misclassified … I was never meant to be a muggle.  I was supposed to be the bff of Mrs. Weasley … we are kindred spirits … in multiple ways! ;-)
You might also know that I am a public school teacher at our Jr./Sr. High School.  This year we've established a half hour enrichment period … a time where we can offer classes or activities for students designed to enhance their education with untraditional instruction.  My 8th graders are big Harry Potter fans, so I created a Hogwart's Knit n' Lit Society!  It filled immediately, and I began teaching them to knit … we're making the Hogwart first year scarf.
As soon as the junior high program was announced, many high school students approached me about adding another section!  They are making the Hogwart fourth year scarf.
 Some had knit before …
… many had never held knitting needles …
… but all were eager to learn or expand their skills!
They each chose the Hogwart's House they wish to be a member of …
… such fun and enthusiasm while listening to Harry Potter audiobooks.
With Christmas coming … I wanted to do something special to commemorate our time together as a literary society.
While thinking about possibilities for ornaments, I immediately thought of Harry's owl, Hedwig.  A quick google search produced a pattern that would work perfectly, you can find it here.
Flicka supervised as I began working on the sample.  My sweet little muggle kitty!
With the necessary parts in place … it went together quickly!  Success!
I was thrilled with the prototype … time to begin assembling the kits!
I had fun putting together all the supplies ...
… and packaging them up into gifts for each student.
They all seemed to appreciate the kits …
… several began working on them right away …
… and many finished them in time to hang Hedwig on their trees at home!
We may be muggles … but we've created our own magic.

Do what you love.  Create magic!  Do dillydally!
Professor DillyDally

We've all got light and dark inside us.  What matters is the side we choose to act on.  That's who we really are.
Sirius Black,  Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix


  1. How very clever you are! Several years ago, our school started the same type of thing and the art teacher and I did a knitting/quilting group. Unfortunately, the time for the groups was eventually dropped, but the kids' enthusiasm for the projects was rewarding.

    Thanks for sharing this, along with the owl pattern. Will have to get supplies and make one for our grandson for next year.

    Pet Flicka for me-she's adorable. Miss our cats; they were always my sewing companions; didn't they love it when I laid out a quilt or fabric :).

    Have a merry Christmas,

  2. And THAT right there is why your Home Ec. room holds the warmest memories of my life at CHS. Even though the cabinets were (are?) orange, and the floor was cold, your love for what you do, coupled with cozy music and lots of laughs, was often a peaceful haven for me during those emotional years of teenager-dom. Much love to you Mrs. Dilly Dally, and Merry Christmas!

  3. Wow! Your students are so lucky to have you as their teacher. I love the idea of teaching knitting using the Hogwart colours and theme. Your little owl ornament is too cute for words. Merry Christmas to you and your students.

  4. You are just one very special teacher, lady, mentor and all around nice person.
    I'm so fortunate to have met you in MN
    Sassy sister, SharO

  5. You are an AWESOME teacher. Your students are so lucky.

  6. What you are doing for your students is priceless. They will carry and treasure these memories for a lifetime. I wish that I were one of your students. Hats off to you Mrs. Dilly Dally.

    Amy Varnell-Miller

  7. Happy New Year... what a wonderful post. I personally, have enjoyed the Harry Potter audio books so much, I listen to them over and over... Jim Dale is an amazing reader. Love the knitting and listening idea - I do it myself at home. AND then, you make Hedwig kits! Just too much (and this from an overachieving teacher, myself! Ha!) Well Done!