Friday, January 25, 2013

My WingNut!

A rare moment of calm!
It has been a psycho crazy week here in dillydallydom!  No matter how busy Mr. DD and I are, Flicka is always dillydallying!  ;-)  Here is a brief peek at a week in the life of our WingNut!
She loves to hide under the dishwasher door...then ambush our toes!  I love how she thinks we don't know she is there!
I caught her in the act of "unpinning" a project I am working on!  No wonder I have trouble making any progress!  See?  Such a WingNut!
She has had so much fun removing the little bear from the Advent Calendar, that we've kept it up!
She packs the little bear off ... we find it ... return it ... so she can steal it again!  I know... she has us well trained!
She wanted to cut this out using her teeth and claws.  It was difficult to convince her that was not going to work out!
Here she considers taking up embroidery!  Hee-hee!
All fabric scraps are considered wild beasts ... they are hunted down ... then tamed!
Multi-tasking takes on new meaning!  Look at all the things she can get into at once!
Playing peek-a-boo!  Now you see her...
... now you don't!  Or sew she thinks!
Living the life of a WingNut is exhausting!  What fun she adds to our silly lives!

Do what you love.  Be a WingNut!  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally


  1. What a little stinker! :)
    Love seeing pics of Flicka, and your quilting, of course.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. So missing having a kitty in the house....

  3. This has got to be the cutest cat ever! All the photos made me smile and then I went and hugged my own "fur ball"! - Colette

  4. Flicka has a new fan out here in blogville. My grandson, Nick, who is 11, has been reading all the the blog posts that he can find about Flicka and laughing at her antics. Nick thinks that Flicka is adorable!

  5. Zoe says that Flicka is not just a wingNut, he is a double wingNut!

  6. I absolutely love seeing Flicka pics. When my sister (Barb Cave)went to your house recently for dinner I told her to give Flicka a kiss from me. I'm betting she did not. She sure looks like an active little kitty!! ADORE HER!!

  7. Sorry, we called Flicka a he, we meant that "she" is a double WingNut.