Thursday, May 17, 2012

Spring Arrives in My Remote Corner of the Planet!

Sunday, Mother's Day looked like this...
... Mother Nature gifted us with rain, sleet, snow and high winds.  Hearts were heavy...
...Monday morning the clouds began to break up ... yep, that is fresh snow on the mountains!  After our very difficult winter, everyone needs the hope that comes with spring ... however, Mother Nature continues to mess with our heads and our hearts.
By Tuesday, the skies had cleared!  This is all that remains of the ice on the lake!
The photo in the Header of this blog was taken May 1st ... this is the same view 15 days later ... even though spring's arrival appears late, here is visual proof that it is happening! ;-)

Mother Nature can go ahead and dish out whatever she wants ... but below the waters of Prince William Sound spring is happening!

Today our commercial fisherman begin harvesting our infamous Copper River Salmon!  The Reds and Kings have arrived!  Yep ... spring is here!
Do what you love.  Eat salmon.  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally


  1. Your salmon made the L.A. news. They showed the sushi chefs coming off the planes with hugh whole salmon. They said there were so many salmon and that will drive the prices down here.
    I love salmon! Wishing you warm sunny weather!

  2. mmmmmmmmm Copper River salmon!! $29.50 a pound down here in the flatlands...but soooooo darn good!