Friday, September 23, 2011

Dillydally Dreams Do Come True!

Guess who is hanging out with us here in our remote corner of the planet?
Yep...Quilt Rock Star Bonnie Hunter!  Believe it or not, we were on the same flight to Cordova!  No ... I can't explain how that happened ... it felt like the heavens were in charge!  She arrived to heavy rain and high winds ... yep, it was some serious weather!  I was impressed ... it was a rough flight ... she didn't even flinch ... in fact she pieced hexagons the entire flight!  We arrived here in Cordova about 8:00 pm ... that is midnight east coast time ... she had had a very long day of traveling!
Remember what I said about the heavens being in charge?  Well, even though the weather experts said differently ... this was the view from my front deck the next morning!
We know how to feed a Quilt Rock Star ... Alaska style!  Yep ... your looking at King Crab Legs, fresh salad, halibut, fresh dinner rolls, clam chowder, kippered salmon cheesecake and for dessert we had cheesecake topped with our wild blueberries!
All that food can make a quilter thirsty...we took care of that as well!  ;-)
Here is Bonnie with the guild committee that has worked hard over the past two years to bring her here!  I am so fortunate to call these amazing women my friends!  We had a wonderful evening filled with laughter, fun and "quilt talk"!  Be sure to follow Bonnie's version of her experience here on her blog!

As we ate, chatted, and giggled our way through the evening, the heavens crowned the day by giving us this sunset!  What a wonderful way to end Bonnie's first day in our remote corner of the planet!

Do dillydally!
Do dream!
Dillydally dreams do come true!

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