Saturday, February 12, 2011

A Dillydally Slacker!

Teaching takes a lot of energy, so between my job and this cold ... there hasn't been a whole lot of dillydallying going on ... yep ... I have been a dillydally slacker this week.  My cold symptoms are improving every day ... I can feel my dillydally urges resurfacing!
I did manage to get another "log" on the Snake River Cabin blocks!  You might remember ... I celebrate small chunks of achievement on this type of quilt!  Every log receives it own little "happy dance"!  Noooo ... I have no intention of posting a video of me doing the happy dance ... the blog police would probably place me behind bars!
I also medicated myself by starting a new project with some of that yummy new fabric I recently purchased ... I love the side effects from this form of medication ... yes, it is addictive ... and I make no apologies! ;-)
I may have been a dillydally slacker this week ... but my supervisor never ignores her responsibilities!  ;-)
I hope your week was filled with dillydally fun!


  1. I want a dilly-dally supervisor! Someday I shall get a kitty to keep me company ... Right now all I have is a dilly-dally distracter. My dog Lyla will come in the room and drop her ball right at my feet and then whines until I throw it out of the room. It is pretty hard to get ANYTHING done when my distractor is present.

    Meagan N

  2. Slacker days are good for the soul....