Monday, November 23, 2009


Elwood "Buddy" Teigland
February 14, 1930 - November 6, 2009
My father left this life quietly on the eve of the deer hunting season in northern Minnesota, his lifelong home.  Deer season was and continues to be a big part of the Teigland family culture.  Many family traditions, stories, rituals and memories are tied to the yearly hunt.  It was only fitting that Dad would choose deer season to make his exit from this world.  This is a picture of him taken with his "trophy buck"!

I don't know how to communicate the feelings of love and appreciation I have for the life my father provided me...every attempt feels extremely inadequate...a dear friend sent me words of comfort that sum up my feelings in a simple, yet powerful way..."Yesterday's influence, today's memories, tomorrow's reunion".  Thank you Dad...for everything...

This is a picture of the legacy Dad leaves behind...his eight grandchildren and one great grandchild...they are the future of this family...such blessings.  It was in this small country church that Dad was baptized, confirmed and will be buried.  It is where his four children were baptized and confirmed.  Both of his daughters were married in this church.  The Teigland family has a strong history of love and faith...these children represent the fulfillment of that love.

Christ's instructions were very clear..."Love one another."  In the end, all that really matters is love...  

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