Monday, October 12, 2009

Seasonal Projects!?!

I love seasonal decorating.  In fact, I have to work really hard at practicing restraint...because I can easily go so far as to make gaudy decorating appear conservative.  Halloween is especially fun!  This past week I pulled out my Halloween "tub"'s like visiting old friends.  Each item has a story and memories attached to it.

I believe in excess when it comes to seasonal this summer I bought a kit and pattern that was just "screaming" to be made a part of my Halloween collection!

I purchased the above kit from Rosebud's Cottage this summer during the Minnesota Shop Hop!  She had several samples displayed using multiple fabric themes.  Roseann designed this pattern herself...I love how easy it was to piece, yet it has a powerful impact.
I just love the Patch Abilities patterns that I have come across.  Not only are they a managable size, but they go together quickly and are a great way to use some fabrics from my stash.  Don't you love it when you can find everything you need for a project in your stash?

Here they are quilted and bound!  The tablerunner is one I showed in an earlier post, it is called "Twilight" by Sherri Falls.  The best thing about making seasonal quilt projects is that they come with a sort of one wants to finish up a Halloween project during Christmas vacation! Hee-hee!  It works for me!

Oh!  I almost forgot!

I was so touched by the talent and effort given by the women who planned and implemented our first annual quilt show, I had a strong desire to make them something to show my gratitude!  I kept racking my brain, trying to think of  a project I could complete in a reasonable amount of time.  I'm not sure what hit me, but I had a charm pack of "Northern Solitude" by  Holly Taylor along with some yardage and came up with these cases for pocket sized facial tissues.  I am very pleased with how they turned out.  I guess they too qualify as a seasonal project...the season for colds...I know, my sense of humor is "sick"!  Just think...every time they sneeze...they'll think of me!  Love it!  Make time to dillydally...I'm convinced it builds up our immune system!  Later...Dr. DillyDally! ;)

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