Thursday, July 23, 2009

It was a perfect Dilly-Dally Day!

What a wonderful day! I began the day working on a project that I had started two years ago. At that time our local "Fusible Applique' Queen" and my dear friend Valerie convinced me that we should make the entire set of McKenna Ryan's Gingerbread Lane quilt series. And because they are heirlooms, I decided that I was required to make two...that way Brother and Sister DillyDally will each have their own set...I my thinking flawed or do I just like to torture myself? Long story short...I finished the first one two years ago and put the second one in a box until today. felt good to work on a project that had been started. What you see in the photo took me about 4 hours. But unloading some guilt felt wonderful!

Then it was off to lunch with two of my favorite Cordovans, Barb and Jackie! These two women have served as both mentors and friends over the past twenty plus years. They are like the older sisters I always wished I had. I have sought them out for advice on everything from parenting to buying appliances. These two have helped me in ways they cannot begin to imagine. They are a blessing.

After our two hour lunch, we went to the local thrift store. Above is the treasure I found! I couldn't believe it! About a month ago a couple of local quilters and I were talking about these very pillows that we recalled from our childhood! At the time we talked about how we wished we had the pattern! There it was....gosh....that was a true DillyDally moment!!! The date on the envelope is 1961...I was four years old! Talk about the stars being in alignment! I was thrilled!
Next on the agenda for the day was a stop at The Net Loft. I couldn't resist getting more of that lovely hand dyed yarn...this one is called "Fall Hike". Won't tell you what I'm designing for this'll have to guess.

Honestly...what a lovely day...rid myself of some guilt working on an old project...treated to lunch with good friends...finding treasure...beginning a new project...making dinner with Mr. DillyDally...reading a great book before is good.

My advice...get out there and DillyDally! It feels great!

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