Monday, June 18, 2012

Forgotten Treasure!

Where to begin?  Long time readers of this humble blog know that I took a mean-spirited fall last September and damaged my knee.  It resulted in 6 months of chronic pain ... very little dillydallying took place ... sewing was nearly impossible.  Since my surgery in March ... I have been on the mend!
 On Friday, Flicka and I had finished the blocks of a new quilt and were cutting out the first borders.  Yep ... she is taking her supervisory position very seriously!  It is a wonder that we make any progress! ;-)
My sewing room is very small ... I have no design wall.  The floor space in the dining/living area is what I use to lay out quilts.  I use a king size Warm and Natural batting to audition block lay out plans ... then cover the lay out with a flat sheet ... so that it can be folded and unfolded multiple times.
Imagine my surprise on Friday evening ... while unfolding it I found a quilt ... laid out!  Can you see the blocks under the sheet?

Peeling back the sheet revealed this!   I had completely forgotten about it!  It is the Schnibbles quilt I was making using Dilly Dally fabric!  You can read about it here.
I was so surprised and excited that I immediately started piecing it together.  No ... I didn't even fuss over the layout!  I decided to accept it as a gift and "git 'er done"!
Finding this treasure makes for one of those unexpected and magical dillydally moments!
Do what you love.  Seek treasure.  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally
P.S.  I am crediting my loss of memory to the knee injury ... ;-) ... that had to be it! 


  1. That's great--what a treat! One of these days I'll discover an almost finished sweater... Not holding my breath. ;-)

  2. what a wonderful surprise- bit like the quilt fairy coming to visit Ha ha

  3. It's like finding a lost treasure! What a wonderful surprise!

  4. Oh! What a wonderful surprise. I would have been happy and just sewn them together too! I love the way Flicka is always 'helping'!
    You may be surprised whatelse you find. I would blame the knee pain too! On to the next block!