Saturday, June 23, 2012

Stop Everything! The Sun is Shining!

Here in my remote corner of the planet...
Morning view from my front deck.
... if the sun is out, we stop everything and get outside to enjoy it!
 Everything has finally turned green.  Because of the severe winter, things have been about 3-4 weeks late.
As you can see ... remnants of winter still exist!  That snow is not far from the waters edge.  It just makes us appreciate the sun even more!  This pic was taken this week on June 18th.
The lupine are in full bloom.
The columbine have just begun to open ... the little yellow buttercups are everywhere!  ;-)
The water lilies are almost ready ... many buds are on the surface!
The gillnet salmon fishery began in May and the seine season is about to start!
We're loving these summer temperatures!
Even the flowers on my front deck have finally opened their smiley faces!
View from front deck.  9:00 pm yesterday!
Yep ... it feels like summer has finally arrived!
Do what you love.  Dillydally in the sun.  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally


  1. Hooray! I love summer and the sunshine most of all. Enjoy it while you can. The pictures of your corner of the world are beautiful. Thank you!

  2. WOOT WOOT for summer and sun..

  3. Good to know that summer is finally arriving in Cordova. I had to smile at your 69 degrees. It is 70 in Ohio today and that feels cool to me. We have been up in the 80's and 90's for awhile now. Not to change the subject, but I wanted to tell you that a black bear has been spotted not far from here, about 15 miles away, robbing bird feeders. Do you have grizzly bears like they have on Kodiak Island?