Monday, June 4, 2012

Those DillyDally Men!

I want to share with you what the DillyDally men have been up to lately.  After Brother DillyDally's graduation, I came home and they stayed behind in the tristate area of MN/ND/SD.
Brother was busy packing and tying up loose ends in the Fargo/Moorhead area.
They spent time with Nana in South Dakota.  They did some chores for her and she fed them ... very well! ;-)
Eventually it was time to leave the prairie behind ... they left SD on Tuesday, May 22nd...
...and hit the road ... the Alcan (Alaska/Canada) highway to be exact!
Oh ... how I wish I could have joined them!  The only other time we have traveled this road was after our wedding ... that was 31 years ago!
Like here, spring is arriving late along the highway.  Traffic was still very light ... the snow on the mountains remains deep ... which added up to a lot of wildlife down by the road!  These are Stone Sheep.
Bison were every where.  So were the bears.  In one day they saw 15 black bear and one grizzly alongside the road.  Didn't stop to take pics of them!  Hmmm ... I wonder why? ;-)
People from all over the world have traveled this highway ... a sort of "sign park" has developed over time. Here they found a sign from where Mr. DillyDally's brother lives.
As they approached Alaska, there was less green and more icy blue in the scenery.
Getting closer to home!  As you can see ... not much green ... in the trees or on the ground!
Yep ... things are still somewhat frozen here in Alaska.  Poor Brother ... he was accustomed to those 70+ temperatures in the midwest!  They returned home on Memorial Day, May 28th!

The trip took them exactly a week.  The lodges and restaurants along the way were just beginning to open for the summer season.  Traffic was low ... wildlife was easily seen ... so they are happy to have traveled it that time of year.  Yep ... I've informed them that next time ... I get to tag along!  Imagine the amount of knitting I could accomplish on that drive!
Do what you love.  Travel when you can!  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally
P.S.  Kysa, Flicka and I are happy to have them home.


  1. Oh, I am ready to get back on that Alcan Highway. I loved our trip three years ago. We were gone from home 100 days. I hope we can do it again. Too bad you were not with them to dilly dally your way back home.

  2. Once I show these pictures to my hubby, he'll want to take that highway too!