Monday, June 11, 2012


One of the things I love about the dillydally lifestyle is that I can throw aside the guilt that I would have harbored about certain things and turn them into...

... TREASURE!  Mr. DillyDally is reconfiguring my sewing table (more on that in a future post) and that forced me to unearth (yep, had to do some digging) things that were in the way.  And look what I found!
A hand appliqued wall quilt made to commemorate a nephew's birth...12 years ago!  All that is left to do is add his name and birth stats.
I pieced this to test Marti Michell's Kaleido-Ruler a few years back.  It worked extremely well and I still plan to make a super scrappy version...some day.
This was made with part of a jelly roll ... the pattern was in a Quilts and More magazine ... Val and I made them together ... tons of fun!  The fabric line was Strawberry Lemonade by Me and My Sister Designs.  Gosh I love that fabric ... bought tons of it ... used tons of it .... and still have a jelly roll remaining!  It just makes me smile when I come across it ... love fabric that can do that!
I had forgotten that I had begun this table runner! It is made with a fabric line by April Cornnell.  I taught a class using this pattern a few years back to demonstrate fusible applique' with the machine buttonhole stitch.  I finished the other samples I used for this class, but forgot about this one!  The good news is that I still love it, so will finish it ... someday! ;-)
A scrap block in Christmas fabrics ... very busy!
More April Cornell fabric, a honey bun precut was used to piece this table runner.  While looking at this ... I'm thinking that I might use this yardage to create a handbag!  What do you think?
Love 30's themed fabric!  Love butterfly blocks!  I even have the embroidery detail done!  When I unfolded it ... it felt like I had found an old friend!
A paper pieced table topper ... I didn't like the fabric choices ... maybe I'll replace the sections ... who knows ... I may never finish this one.  ;-)  I'm totally ok with that!
This is a pieced background and border for a raw-edge applique' quilt kit ... now I just need to locate the applique' pattern and fabric!  Geesh ... I know it is around here somewhere! ;-)
This is a test block I did ... it is a Judy Martin pattern.  I love it ... it is definitely on my "to do" list.  I need to start collecting fabrics!  Ya-hoo!  Am always looking for a reason to do that!
I did find one project in the pile that was finished! ;-)  This is a sample I made for a class I taught on tinted embroidery!

I'm glad that Mr. Dillydally's reconstruction project in my sewing room didn't require me to dig any deeper, this post is long enough already! Hee-hee!  It was fun to visit these old friends ... some I want to continue with and others I can easily leave behind ... but all a treasure because of the time in my dillydally journey they represent!
Do what you love.  Seek treasure!  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally


  1. Wow! What treasures you found!
    Maybe it's time I went 'digging' too!

  2. thats a fair amount of treasure to unfurl- makes me quiet tempted to delve in the back of my cupboards too

  3. What a beautiful treasure trove! I love that it is the experience of making blocks that is exciting. The dilly-dally lifestyle includes experimenting with fabric and ideas. All your treasures show that passion so well!