Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Her Majesty Gets a Throne!

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I learned to sew on my Mother's machine, it was very similar to this one.  It all began with 4-H clothing projects.  For 10 years I shared this machine with my mother.  I made my first prom dress on a machine like this.
Photo found on Google Images
Meet Beauty ... yep, I have always named and fallen in love with inanimate objects.  My first sewing machine ... a Sears Kenmore much like this one ... I received it fall of 1974 ... the beginning of my Senior year in high school.  She traveled with me to college, then on to Alaska.  I made my wedding dress with this machine.  She was considered portable ... weighed a ton ... and could sew anything!  She passed away (literally, her engine blew up) in 2009.  She had been there for all the important events in my life.  A loyal and faithful friend for 35 years.
This is Beauty's footprint.  As newlyweds ... money was extremely tight.  The building that Mr. DillyDally worked in was remodeling.  They were throwing out solid wood doors.  Mr. DD brought home two of them ... cut one in half for legs ... used the other for the table top.  He cut out this section so that Beauty could come out of her plastic case and rest here.  A sewing cabinet was born!
When I purchased Her Majesty in 2009, Mr. DD thought I should buy a cabinet as well.  I nearly came unglued!  I had just lost Beauty and now he was suggesting that I replace the table he had made for me 28 years ago?   So ... he covered Beauty's footprint ... and I had a level surface on which to place Her Majesty. 

After three years of having Her Majesty on the table top ... it was past time to give her  a proper place on the table.  Yep ... emotionally I was finally prepared to allow Beauty's footprint to be replaced.
After nearly 31 years of marriage, Mr. DD knows me well.  He made sure that I was the one to mark the opening!  He also knew to work on it while I was out and about!  
Here is the end result!  It took me most of Monday to clean up all the sawdust!  I wanted to have everything in order before I placed Her Majesty on her new throne!
Here she is ... and she fits perfectly!  Mr. DD did a terrific job!  Thanks Honey!  Flicka and I sewed for several hours yesterday ... we all appreciated Her Majesty's new position on the table ... especially my shoulders ... I'd forgotten the benefits of having the sewing machine at the proper height!

Mr. DD says that if we ever move ... that heavy table isn't coming with us!  Well, I guess that's settled, we will never be moving! ;-)
Do what you love.  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally


  1. From the subject line, I thought the new kitten was really getting a throne (comfy chair) to lay in! LOL!!
    Her Majesty looks wonderful on her new throne! What a handy dandy husband you have! Enjoy many hours of sewing!
    boy! There are a lot of exclamation points in this post!!

  2. Wow, that Kenmore is almost like the one I got with high school graduation money in 1976. I'm still sewing on it. It's made outdoor gear, fancy dresses, baby clothes, mended mechanics coveralls, sewn fine silk for altar paraments, quilt tops, curtains and even a Halloween costume or two. We are friends with history. I need a table like that. I will show my mr.