Thursday, June 7, 2012

Flicka's First Quilt!

Flicka's technology skills are legendary ... ;-) ... at least here in dillydallydom they are!  Like all kittens, she insists on being in the middle of everything I'm doing!  Here we are listening to Pat Sloan's Quilt Radio program!  She loves the sewing room ... because it is the messiest room!  There is so much in that room for her to explore!  We can now leave the door open ... she is allowed in there at will!  Yep, she is growing up!  Over the past 10 days, we made our first quilt top together!  Here is her story...
" I wasn't allowed to help cut out my first quilt!  Mama said it wasn't safe for me!  She shut the door so I couldn't sneak in!  I sat outside the door and cried ... I scratched the door and door frame ... I wore myself out and eventually fell asleep leaning against the sewing room door.  I was not happy about being left out!"
"I helped layout the block pieces"
"I made sure she maintained an accurate 1/4 inch seam allowance."
"I wanted to push the buttons on the machine to make it go beep."
"Chain piecing made things go a bit quicker.  Sometimes I get bored and distract Mama by getting into things."
"Every time Mama gets up ... I steal her chair!"
It is entertaining to quilt with Flicka's assistance, however it isn't easy to get things done.  I still have to keep one eye on what she is up to.  Last Saturday, I took our project to the guild's "Time to Sew" event.  While there I finished the blocks, determined the layout and began sewing the rows together.
Back home, I continued working on the top.  Oh oh, who pulled it off the ironing board?  Flicka replied, "Not me!"  Hmmmmm.....constant shenanigans! Love it! ;-)
"How come Mama gets the comfortable chair?  Pressing the quilt top took so much time, I got sleepy."
"Finally, the top is pieced!"
"While Mama took 3 seconds to pour herself a cup of coffee, I rearranged the blocks!  I like the quilt better this way!"
"Borders are sew boring!  I went and took a nap on my favorite quilt in my own recliner!"
"Finally ... we're finished with my first quilt!  I think I will find it more comfortable after it has been quilted!"
The pattern is from the book, More Take 5 Quilts by Kathy Brown.  It is called, Buzz Cut!  It was a fun and quick quilt to make!  I changed the border configuration a bit for aesthetic reasons.
The top is currently hanging in the Cordova Quilters' Hideout quilt shop ... I will be using it to teach a quilting class in July.
"Ah-oh!  I spy Mama talking about me on the internet again!  It is sew embarrassing!"

Do what you love!  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally


  1. Great to have such a character about - our cat likes to be in the same room when I'm sewing with the machine but really likes it when quilt bindings are getting finished and the quilt can be sat on, on my lap. All quilts come with cat hair in this house! Thank you for sharing your furry friend.

  2. She is so cute and adorable! What is it about a quilt and a cat? They just cannot seem to leave the quilts alone.

  3. What a joy Flicka seems to be!! Our cat used to be very friendly and loved getting into my sewing stuff. She is now 12 years old and just likes to be left alone,

  4. Adorable!! I just want to kiss all over her!!

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  6. My granddaughter Zoe, 8-years old, loves looking at your blog. I can't wait to show her what Flicka has been up to now. This posting would make a cute children's book. I deleted the other post because I made a mistake, but didn't know that it stays there.

  7. Your darling Flicka is such a great helper and what a cutie pie too!