Sunday, January 24, 2010

Quilter's Anonymous - January Meeting!

My gosh...this week has been a busy one!  But then again...every week is busy!  We hosted a basketball tournament this weekend...yes I have a severe case of "bleacher bottom"...but I love watching the kids play!  It is so fun to have lived and taught in a community for 20+ years...some of the parents in the stands were once in my classroom...most of the kids I have known their entire lives...and in a small, isolated community every athlete plays with their is the best in what sports have to offer.  Love it!  Love it!  Love it!

It is difficult to dillydally while watching the games, but I do always have some knitting with me.  The games were too I didn't get much done...which is just fine by me!

Today, our local chapter of Quilter's Anonymous held their monthly meeting.  As always, they provided me with just the inspiration I needed!

Here is QBee Val with her latest table toppers.  Both of them are G.E. Designs and she commented on how enjoyable both patterns were.

You might recall in an earlier post, seeing us square up this applique block...she has since added the sawtooth border and spent this afternoon working on the many flower shaped yo-yos used to embellish this center medallion.  It has been a lot of work...but with stunning results!

Dixie arrived with a bucket load of these small curve pieced blocks!  They are left over from another project...we haven't seen the first project yet and here she is on the second!

Dixie used charm squares to make this top.

Above are two log cabin quilts that Dixie brought...both are quilted and bound...gosh this QBee is definitely an over achiever!  She inspires us all!

Local machine quilter, Linee was working on the binding of this quilt.  A customer brought it to her in pieces.  It was begun sometime ago by an unknown quilter.  Linee had very little information or directions to work from, but she enjoyed the challenge and said that it was like solving a puzzle.  After piecing the quilt, she machine quilted it and was putting on the binding today.  It ended up being 105 inches square!  We all felt like the pattern was somehow familiar, but none of us could come up with a name for the block.  Any of you out there in cyberland have any ideas?  If so...we'd all love to hear from you!

This log cabin was originally made by Dawn's sister...and it had to be completely ripped out and resewn...Dawn certainly is a great sister!  She took it completely apart and redid it...she finished it today!

This "Stack and Whack" quilt just returned from the machine quilter.  It was made by QBee Diane, who has made several quilts using this technique and has also taught many of us how to make them.  I wish I had taken some close up shots...this picture does not do the quilt is gorgeous!

This quilt is a Bonnie Hunter pattern that Diane got off her website!  It is called Oklahoma Backroads.  Diane used 5 inch charm squares she received every month from the Calico Basket in Edmonds, Washington from the late 80's to the mid 90's.  Last March, when she began this quilt, she brought in a huge tub filled with the envelopes...all post marked...each containing that months squares.  Gosh...we had so much fun looking through them...what memories!  And what a stunning quilt!

This is another Bonnie Hunter quilt...Christmas Lights...a mystery that was published this past year in QuiltMaker magazine.  QBee Julie made this one and it just came from the machine quilter.  Unfortunately the machine quilting doesn't show up in the photo, this quilt is just luscious when you see it live.  We are so excited about having Bonnie come here in September 2011!

What did I work on?  Well, I was busy sandwiching together several table runners and wall quilts that I have pieced.  You'll see them as I work away at quilting and binding them...I was so inspired by the work of the QBees at QA fortunate to have quilters like them in my life...dillydallying with them was a terrific way to begin a new week!  I hope you have friends to inspire the dillydally side of your very busy life too!   

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