Sunday, January 10, 2010

Dillydallying with the local guild!

Our local guild, Cordova Northwind Quilters, held an open sew weekend Friday night and all day Saturday.  I was busy with basketball games on Friday, so didn't attend until Saturday.  We have invited national quilt teacher, Peggy Gelbrich to teach two classes at our annual spring retreat.  We have asked her to lead us in two of her one day workshops, Hunter's Star and Montana Cartwheel.  In preparation for the Montana Cartwheel,  QBee (Quilt Buddie) Valerie, gave a workshop on curved piecing.  She shared with us three different techniques...the three pin...the one pin...and the no pin.  A year and a half ago she taught a Crazy Curves class...I had to use the 7-12 pin method! ;-) 

Valerie has made several curved pieced quilts, each very different and all of them beautiful.  And because of her, many of us have made them as well.  You can see part of the one I made hangs on the wall of Sister DillyDally's apartment.

We spent the rest of the day working on individual projects.  I got so busy working on my project that I didn't take as many photos as I had intended...bummer...but I did get this one...
This is what Tammy accomplished after the workshop that's gorgeous and did she ever master the skill quickly!  She is more than ready for the Montana Cartwheel!

QBees Terry, Valerie, Barb and I...yes that is how many quilter's it takes to cut a 24 1/2 inch square!  Hee-hee!

Valerie is making a beautiful Patchwork Party quilt and had just finished the hand appliqued center medallion.  I mentioned in an earlier post that each rose is made from eleven separate pieces!  I know...YIKES!  And the vase is created with scant 1/4 inch bias strips woven together...I know...I probably would have resorted to using a "magic marker"!  Anyway...the reason it took four of us is that we had to center the applique inside that 24 1/2 inch square!  There was no measure twice, cut was more like this...
...find the center, measure to sides
...several deep breaths and seek out "our centers"
...mark the sides, measure again
...several yoga exercises (you don't want to see pictures of that!)
...mark the corners, measure again
...use child birth breathing techniques
...measure the diagonals in every direction possible
...lay on the floor until heart rate returns to normal
...remove markings and measure everything again
...praying and sweating
...performed the surgery...

 ...Whew!...prayers of thanksgiving and smiles we can't wipe off our faces!  It took four of us...but what a team!
I worked on piecing a top together, but forgot to take a photo of it.  I got the blocks sewn together and the border cut I felt good about what I accomplished.  The important thing we accomplished was dillydallying together...sharing projects...sharing lives...a wonderful way to spend a Saturday.

Today I did a bit of dillydallying...Peanut helped me...

Can you guess where these little mittens may be going?  I hope you found time to dillydally this weekend!

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