Sunday, January 31, 2010

Creating Our Own Fun!

Another busy weekend in this "anything but quiet" corner of the world!  We had another weekend of home basketball games...small school sporting events involve the whole community...I love it!  I was one of the class advisers that helped the Senior Class host their Winter Ball last night.  Remember this is a small community with limited facilities and resources compared to what most other high school students was the first semi-formal event this school year...they planned...decorated...created playlists...dressed up...and had a terrific time!  They are their own DJ...they have to make their own decorations...dress clothes are usually rotated amongst friends...they do each others hair and make-up...they literally have to create their own fun!  They don't realize it but that is a life skill that will serve them well their entire lives.  After all their efforts, it was a joy to watch them enjoy themselves...

Teacup likes to knit as well as all cats, she has to be in the middle of everything!  At least in this picture she is using her knitting manners...she can be a very naughty DillyDally!

With everything that was going on this week...I didn't get a lot of dillydallying done, but did make some progress on the cardigan for Sister DillyDally that I shared on the last post.  As you can see, it is knit from the top down...with the actual collar knitted last.  The pattern is well designed, I haven't hit any snags yet and the yarn is heaven to work with.  I'm loving it!

Watching the teens enjoy themselves last night...their ability to entertain themselves...reminded me of what an important skill that really is.  I remember as a child, when I would tell my mother I was bored...she would very pragmatically tell me to find something to do.  I learned that it wasn't anyone's obligation to entertain me, I needed to use what resources were available and take responsibility for my own feelings.  That lesson was so empowering...identifying one's feelings...addressing them proactively...the result is taking responsibility for those aspects of our life we can control. see...dillydallying is taking action that brings joy, content and entertainment into our lives...we're creating our own fun!  Now, proactive...DILLYDALLY


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