Sunday, January 3, 2010

Losing my mind...maybe...

Seriously...I think I'm losing my mind...I cannot intellectually explain my behavior over the past three days.  Is it the new year?  The new decade?  Did someone put something in my morning coffee?  I cannot for the life of me figure it out!  Let me describe my behavior...

First...I said yes to mending!  I sewed patches on SIX pairs of Brother DillyDally's jeans!  And each pair required multiple patches!  Remember when denim was considered a strong sturdy fabric?  Yes...I know that question ages me!  This task was a serious challenge...the legs are so skinny it was difficult to get in and sew around holes...let alone keeping the patch under it flat.  What's abnormal about all this?  Well...I didn't refuse to start with...I didn't offer to buy him new jeans...after spending, literally, hours at this task I didn't give up...and when it got soooo difficult, I didn't just throw them out!  On top of all that...Her Majesty thinks this type of work is beneath her, so I had to work at getting her to cooperate! 

Second...without coercion of any kind...not even a hint of suggestion...I decided to do hemming!  See how scary this is getting...YIKES!  It is true that both Mr. DillyDally and I are short in stature (we make up for it in personality) and every time we buy pants, they require hemming.  So...I always have a stack of "to be hemmed" pants hidden in my sewing room.  I only resort to hemming them when what we are currently wearing becomes so threadbare that people start talking to us about the great items to be had at our local goodwill store.  I hemmed one pair of casual pants and two pairs of dress slacks for Mr. DillyDally!  Completed a pair of jeans and am in process of three pairs of dress pants for myself!

See why this is so frightening?  Mending and hemming are not an integral part of the dillydally lifestyle!  So in an effort to maintain some stability...

...I started a new project!  Will share more as I progress.

Sooo...after all this do I feel?  Well, I feel efforts saved money...made unusable things usable...and now (at least for today) I can tell myself what a great wife and mother I am!  Hmmm...wonder what Mr. DillyDally is making for dinner tonight? Hee-hee! ;-)  Later dear ones!

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