Thursday, February 17, 2011

Oh-Oh! A Dillydally Goal!?!

As always ... another week just flew by!  I leave for Anchorage again related conference.  It will be educational ... enjoyable ... and inspirational! 

I have accomplished some dillydallying this past week ... remember this?
Well ... it was transformed into this ...
... a new handbag for an long time friend.

As a dillydallier ... setting dillydally goals will work some times ... but not always ... however, our intentions are always good.  Our hearts truly are in the right place.  So ... I am saying this out loud in blogland with a bit of hesitation ... I plan to add a log to the Snake River Log Cabin quilt I'm piecing every week until the top is finished!  Whew!  There ... I said it! 
I know ... I know ... this photo looks a lot like the last update.  Guess you'll just have to count the logs each time to keep me honest! ;-)  No ... seriously ... it feels good to have met my goal ... at least this week! ;-)

After the fresh snowfall we had last weekend, the sky has remained clear everyday this week!  
Plus, we keep gaining minutes of sunlight everyday ... about an hour a week!  Today it was still light at 6:00 pm!  

Well ... my bags are packed ... I threw in some knitting and embroidery to do in the hotel room.  I'm not sure if I'll be blogging while gone ... don't forget ... take good care and make time to dillydally!


  1. Love the handbag! And your snake river blocks are looking good!!