Thursday, February 24, 2011

Dilly Dally Fabric - Gotta have It!

Remember PJ?  She won the 200th post drawing.  PJ told me that my little snowmaid angel loves her new home in Iowa.  I know ... warms my heart ... makes me happy!  PJ recently sent me this photo as well...
...the name of the fabric line is "Dilly Dally"!  The designers are Me and My Sister, a few years back they had another line called "Strawberry Lemonade".  I loved it ... hoarded it ... made multiple items with it ... and still have a jelly roll and some yardage left!  It was happy fabric ... it made me smile when I used it ... it still makes me smile!  Gosh ... I just love happy fabric!

Many of you have emailed me about this fabric line since it was introduced ... thank you for thinking of me ... and then making the effort to contact me.  I am always so touched by your thoughtfulness.  While in Anchorage, I looked for the fabric in every quilt store ... found two bolts of it ... and loved what little of it I saw!  Like the Strawberry Lemonade ... Dilly Dally is happy fabric too!  Sooo ... I am going to have to get me some!  ;-)
Seriously ... you were all correct ... it just screams Mrs. Dilly Dally!  I love precuts ... so have been looking at multiple patterns ... trying to make a decision.  The hard part of ordering online ... is you sort of have to know in advance what you're going to make with it ... yuck ... that is so tough ... I prefer to be moved by dillydally  winds ... I work best on a whim.  I would much rather have it in a local store where I can touch and smell it ... yep ... then it could tell me what I should create with it!  Now listen ... I have claimed on several occasions that I am ... for real ... a fruit loop!  But ... I am a happy fruit loop and they are the best kind to be around.

Speaking of my unique personality type ... I have to share with you a recent comment left on this blog that really touched my heart ... she mentioned that she liked following my steady stream of conversation ... wasn't that sweet?  She appreciates my nonsense ... oops, I mean funsense!  When I showed the comment to Mr. DillyDally, he started laughing!  Because he has to listen to it!  I just have to giggle ... because he only hears and you only read a fraction of what is going on in my dillydally head!

Have a wonderful dillydally weekend!



  1. And I love your dilly dally funsense too!! and I HAVE an inkling of what's up there") Miss you...

  2. You are just the best.

    Meagan N.