Sunday, January 30, 2011

Little Bits...Here and There

Wow!  Another crazy week in my remote corner of the planet! In my work life it was semester grades, the beginning of second semester, two days of inservice training and we hosted our annual basketball tournament!  My dillydally life involved ... the Give-A-Way ...
... here our silly little snowmaid is waving good-bye as she begins her journey to her new home in Iowa!  She is excited to serve PJ as a reminder to make time to dillydally!

A former student and now friend who is attending college belongs to a campus knitting club ... they plan to raise funds by selling cup holders and I offered to come up with a design.  I was thrilled ... and in true Mrs. DillyDally fashion went a bit over the top!  You know ... creating designs with the mascot ... they looked great, but the trouble was ... they wouldn't stay on the cup!  ;-)  Sometimes I am such a fruit loop!  Eventually, I found what would work ...
... yep ... a simple K2P2 rib worked best.  In order to make it thick enough to protect your hands, I needed to make it on size one double pointed needles with a sport weight yarn.
Cast on 52 stitches, K2P2 in circular fashion with double pointed needles until 4 inches.  Bind off and it is done!  I did a 3 x 2 row stripe in her school colors.  Isn't it great to hear that things like a knitting club exists on a college campus?  It is a comfort to know there is a bit of dillydallying going on there as well!  College coeds dealing with stress by knitting ... talk about a win/win!  Love it!

Made some progress on my "Quilty" mittens ... not sure about the color pattern ... I think I need to tweak it.
A bit of progress on my scarf ... it is fun mindless knitting ... great to work on when I'm nearly comatose at the end of the day!
Pulled out Brother DillyDally's graduation quilt and put on one more layer of logs.  I love working on this batik scrap quilt.  Remember ... I do not count the number of pieces in each block until they are finished.  It would become overwhelming.  I just take it one log at a time and celebrate after each!  That way I can have a sense of accomplishment after each step!  It's the dillydally way! ;-)

My supervisor, Teacup is in a pout!  I leave for Anchorage today and do not return until Wednesday evening.  She is upset because when I'm gone ... she becomes a displaced dillydally supervisor.  While I'm out of town, she will sometimes go in the sewing room and yowl.  I always suggest that she supervise Mr. DillyDally, but his activities do not appear to be of as much interest.  She is such a task master!

And today begins an equally busy week ... three days in Anchorage ... but most important ... it is the beginning of  the Iceworm Festival!  We always hold our winter carnival the first week in February!  It is one of our favorite events here in our remote corner of the planet!  I'll be sure to share the details with you as the fun progresses!

I love the morning light this time of the year ... rose pink and lavender ... the colors of spring during the freeze of winter.  It is like nature making a promise that those colors will bloom again in the warmth of summer.

Make time to dillydally this week ... even if it is in little bits!


  1. Beautiful country in your remote corner, love the cup holders and your lovely Teacup! I can't wait to hear about the Iceworm Festival.

  2. What a great idea, the cup holders. I especially like that it is in the Minnesota Gophers colors! The fact that it is Winter Carnival time here makes it even a better idea.

    I enjoy reading your blog. You do such a nice job of keeping a running chatter.

    Jean White Bear Lake, Minnesota