Sunday, January 9, 2011's cold out there!

Yep ... it's true ... those holiday songs are stilling spinning around in my head ... and the weather we're having helps them remain on the tip of my tongue!  Shortly before New Year's Day ... one of our pacific ocean storms moved in ... the temp increased (in the 40's) ... the rain fell in buckets ...within days all of our snow was gone felt like spring!  But old Jack Frost moved back in and everything is frozen ... again. 
This is the pattern Mr. Frost left on our truck window.  When we got in the truck and I saw this ... I just had to take a picture.  Isn't it beautiful?  Hmmmm ... could frost have been the inspiration behind the traditional feather quilting we find often on antique quilts?  It makes me wonder ... as that is the first thing I thought of when I saw this window!
Since childhood, I have loved the effect that frost has on trees.  It is so beautiful ... it's as if the forest is wearing an intricate gown of lace.  I never tire of nature and all its wonders ... nature certainly is the master designer and has inspired all since the beginning of time. 

Yesterday, QBee Neva and I worked on a couple of 007 projects that involved hand embroidery.  When I dug into my embroidery supplies, I found a few friends that were inspired by Jack Frost as well...
It is part of a Crabapple Hill pattern called, Winter Wonderland.  I love Meg Hawkey's designs!  There are 10 blocks as part of this pattern ... and I only have one left to do before I start piecing the quilt top!  Needless to say ...
... I was inspired!  I never give myself a deadline for this kind of quilt, but with only one block left to embroider ... all I want to do is dillydally with this snow-women!  
So while Mr. Frost continued to work on his winter wonderland ... I sipped a cup of cocoa while my needle and I worked on mine!  What a wonderful dillydally day!


  1. Sounds like a wonderful way to spend the day. Certainly was splendid, wasn't it?

  2. Beautiful, beautiful frost images!! We woke up this morning to a new snowfall...looks like someone dusted everything with a thick coating of powdered pretty! Thank you for showing your Winter Wonderland on your blog..I LOVE it in "full color" rather than redwork! Email me a pic when you're done with it so that I can post it on my blog too!!!! Have a beautiful day! You're so lucky to live in such a gorgeous state! xox Meg Hawkey/Crabapple Hill