Monday, January 24, 2011

Hearts...of all kinds

Our Guild held a "Time to Sew" session this past weekend.  I was able to attend on Saturday.  We try to hold them monthly ... gosh ... I treasure the time I spend with these women!  It is so inspiring to see what they have been working on ... quilts they've completed ... you can check it out at our guild blog here.

We always have a ton of fun!  This is what happens when you have too much fun ...
... yep ... you end up with "Wonky Hearts" like I did.  Naturally, I was so silly that I didn't even notice it until I had the borders on!  

Last summer, while in Minnesota, QBee Diane and I visited Heavenly Patchwork Quilt Shop and signed up for Sherri Falls, Sweet Pickin's Club.  This pattern was in our last newsletter.  Now I woke Saturday morning with every intention of working on a project in progress.  But the dillydally winds were blowing in a different direction ... and instead ... I decided to make this table topper called "Candy Hearts"!  I never know in what direction those dillydally winds will carry me! ;-)

 Look at the disdain on my supervisor's face ... Teacup even had to make her point by sitting directly on the problem.  Geesh ... she gives me little slack!

So ... Sunday morning my seam ripper and I reignited our intimate relationship ...
... and made the necessary corrections.  In the end ... it all worked out ...
... I can no longer call it "Wonky Hearts" ... it was back to being "Candy Hearts".  This is a fun pattern ... and under normal conditions ... made by a "normal" person it could easily be made in a day! ;-) 

Don't forget ... you still have time to leave a comment ... which could result in winning this ...
my silly snowmaid (yep...I decided she was a girl snowperson) dillydallying by making a snow angel.  She has been quilted and bound and is ready to travel to your home ... where I hope she will serve as a reminder ... do dillydally!  Details of the DillyDally Give-A-Way are available in the previous post.

I so needed Saturday's quilting day ... I love everything about them ... but ... mostly I enjoy the fellowship that is involved when exceptional women gather over a shared interest.  As we work with our hands there are always many stories.  Tales that make us laugh ... some that make us cry ... those that encourage.  Our lives become entwined ... our hearts woven together in life's journey ... it is such a comfort to know that there are others traveling with us. 

Thank you dear readers ... for sharing in my journey by reading this very modest and humble blog.  Take care of your heart ... make time to dillydally!


  1. Tell Ms. Teacup that the "wonky hearts" looked great!

    Love the finished candy cute!!

    Hugs !!

  2. I have always loved your "wonky ❤". And the table topper turned out great as well. We did have a wonderful time, didn't we?! And that Leek & Potato Gratin, YUMMY!
    Till next time,
    Mrs. Wiese

  3. I love your very modest and humble blog... it inspires me. I may even start a blog of my own one of these days!

    Keep up the dilly-dallying!

    Meagan N

  4. Your "Wonky" heart was the best!!!!!!Love that seam ripper.

  5. Love the table topper - before and after the ripping. :)
    Hey, my mom just pointed out to me that there is a dilly dally fabric line! Have you seen it?
    I got such a kick out of the name... :)

  6. What fun and ready for Valentine's Day! I am a follower of your blog and enjoy it all. More comments on the Dilly Dally fabric line. Have you found it yet?? karen from mn