Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Lots of Dillydallying Going On

After a weekend filled with a quilt retreat and watching Star Wars on the big screen, we've enjoyed keeping things simple so far this week!  Early morning knitting is a great way to begin the day ... especially with the fur babies near by.   
As shown in my last post ... this is what I packed for retreat!  The new book by Kim Brackett is filled with fantastic designs using precuts!  I am a big fan and love her work ... sew ... I was excited to make one from her new book!
I began the process of "sew, press, cut" and repeated it until all units necessary had been made.  Simple and fun!
On Sunday morning I was happy to finally lay out the first section ...
...the seams on this quilt do not line up and lock together, and need to be centered.  It forced me to pay close attention when pinning the rows together ... yep, I had to think!
I finished the second unit just as the retreat was coming to a close!  I am halfway to the finish line!  Honestly, I do more sewcializing than actual sewing at retreats!  I always look so forward to these events ... you can see the progress our QBees made here!
On Monday, Nissa and I took my knitting out the road.  She ran around and played while I knit ... the perfect way to spend a couple of hours.
Tuesday found us at Cabin Lake doing more of the same!
I love that this pup of mine requires time outdoors everyday ... rain or shine, it forces me outside as well!  Good for us both!
I feel so fortunate ... doing what I love ... with those who share my passions and my home!  Love this dillydally life!

Do what you love.  Love your life.  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally


  1. What a cute, colorful project.
    I'm glad Flicka is supervising. :)
    Looks like you and Nissa had more fun outdoors with the beautiful scenery.

  2. Have to tell you! That yarn holder was made by my husband in Milltown, WI and he thinks it's pretty darn cool that it ended up in Cordova, Alaska!

    1. Thanks for commenting and identifying yourself! Tell your husband that I use it all the time and really enjoy it! It is beautifully made and works perfectly!