Sunday, August 11, 2013

Five Hundred and One!

The first full week of August ...
... and like teachers all over America ... I begin thinking about the upcoming school year!  Yep, I've done some homework ... begun preparing lessons ... and prioritizing the things I need to accomplish before school starts!
Sunday, 8.4.13
It has been a terrific summer ... however, I noticed early in the week that the alpine meadows have already begun to change color.  Summer passes quickly here in my remote corner of the planet ... the daylight hours have become noticeably shorter.
Tuesday, 8.6.13
Later in the week ... a huge coastal storm moved in ... torrential rain! Our first big storm of the fall season!  Well ... enough about school and weather ... let's talk about dillydallying!

The final session of the basket class was last Saturday!

All baskets were nearly finished ... they are beautiful!  I have been tweaking the handle application ... am currently on my third version!  Constantly learning ... it is the dillydally way!
Berry picking on Monday!
 Participated in a couple of group knitting projects ...
... the blocks are knit as rows ... individuals take turns knitting different block patterns.  Fun!  They are 007 projects ... will reveal the final product when I can!
Now that Flicka is 18 months old, we have allowed her to be outside part of the day.
She loves to spend time down on the beach ... patrolling!  She has brought home dragon flies and even one live bird!
She spends most of her time crouching in the sea grass ... acting just like lions on the plains of Africa!  So cute!
Her assistance in the sewing room is ever present! ;-)
When she wants my attention ... she sits in the middle of what I'm doing and then pretends to ignore me!  Such a silly kitty!
Even with Flicka's involvement I made progress this week ...
... on the Seasonal Table Runner by Quiltworx.  I've actually appreciated the stormy weather  ... it has forced me to stay indoors and make progress on some maintenance issues.  Today was all about moving furniture and cleaning ... things that I need to finish before the school year begins!  It wasn't necessarily dillydallying, but it felt good to make progress!

One last thing ... this is my 501st post!  I didn't realize that when I posted on Wednesday, that was my 500th post!  Blogger actually keeps track of things like that!  It has prompted me to reflect on why I began blogging and why I continue ... all the wonderful people it has brought into my life ... my dillydally lifestyle ... many, many thoughts!  Too much and too deep to discuss now...maybe later! ;-)
Do what you love.  Reflect.  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally

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  1. Zoe and I were looking at your posts to see what Flicka has been doing this summer. Zoe liked it when Flicka was acting like a lion on the beach. She is so cute! Thanks for posting pictures for us.