Wednesday, August 7, 2013


A beginning ... two become one ... a new family is created.  So much to celebrate!
It is such a honor to witness the birth of a new family ... especially when you have known the couple their entire lives.

I knew them as children ... they were students in my classroom as teens ... and now as adults they have chosen to unite as one.

Weddings also provide an opportunity to dillydally!  A tablecloth from the bride's gift registry ...
 ... I added a set of coasters in an assortment of coordinating colors.
Two lovely women ... the mother, a dear friend ... I remember the day her daughter was born here in Cordova.  Now ... the daughter, a Bride to Be ... my friend, the Mother of the Bride ... another new beginning about to take place.
 Another opportunity to dillydally!  A table runner ...
... with a set of 8 coasters.
Mr. and Mrs. DillyDally ...when we were newlyweds!
I have so many fond memories of being a newlywed ... one was turning our living space into a "home".  My hope is that these simple handmade gifts will help the new brides build a "home" of their own ... a new family begins.
Do what you love.  Celebrate marriage!  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally


  1. Cute table runner! Lovely tablecloth and I love your coasters, very cute! Have a great week.
    Lisa in Minnesota

  2. The tablecloth and coasters are lovely. Perfect for this joyous occasion.